• OK let's see Ringo loved anything with a strong smell including soap, paint, coffee, perfume, etc. Once a week I would grind coffee from fresh beans and I'd give him a bean. He would take it in the living room, drop it and roll all over it like a cat on catnip then eat it. Well one day, in the morning, I had this sandwich baggy full of fresh ground coffee. I put it on the dresser which is next to the bed so I wouldn't forget to take it with me to work. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth getting ready to leave for work and heard this wrestling around and thought "what's them Bs up to"?? I went in the room and there was Ringo on the bed, Coffee grounds all over the bed, all over him and it smelled like a coffee shop. He's just looking at me like "Damn this is good coffee"!! I couldn't help but laugh it was way too funny. I had to get going to work so he got to spend the day smelling like Mr. Coffee. I guess this thread belongs in "Basenji swap stories". Oh well.

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