Sunday Judge:
    Compagnon, Mary Ellen
    Basenjis, Puppy Dogs 6 Months & Under 9 Months
    1 5 EMERANT'S THE NAVIGATOR. HP13654201. 11/24/04. Brdr: Lisa R Hart,Kari Wuornos Winger, CH EMERANT'S THE INSTIGATOR JC - CH SONBAR'S GRACEFUL GODDESS. Owners: Lisa R. Hart,Bryce Hart
    Basenjis, Bred by Exhibitor Dogs
    7 KIKORA'S GALLANT MAGI. HP08185804. 12/11/03. Brdr: Marian Sweeney,Michelle Sweeney, CH COASTAL'S LIGHTHOUSE LOUIE - CH JAMADARI AMARA DONNABELLA, JC, NA, NAJ. Owners: Marian Sweeney
    9 Terrarust Fopaws All My Lovin. HP04069001. 12/25/02. Brdr: Terray Boomier,Kevin Leimback,Therese Leimback, CH Fopaws Designated Driver - CH Terrarust's Murder She Wrote. Owners: Therese Leimback,Kevin Leimback,Terray Boomir
    2 11 'TIS-A ARUBMEC'S THRILLS N' CHILLS. HN01254801. 11/27/05. Brdr: Joyce Hughes, Fred Hughes, PE Cembura, CH JASIRI-SUKARI THE ILLUSTRATED MAN - CH ARUBMEC 'TIS-A IDAHO'S JEWEL. Owners: Fred Hughes,Joyce Hughes,Brenda Cassell
    3 13 EMERANT'S BARNSTORMER. HP13654202. 11/24/04. Brdr: Lisa R. Hart,Kari Wuornos Winger, CH EMERANT'S THE INSTIGATOR, JC - CH SONBAR'S GRACEFUL GODDESS. Owners: Lisa R. Hart
    1/W/BW 15 Platinum's Fear Is Not A Factor. HP13154001. 11/26/04. Brdr: Mary K. Quinnett, CH Berimo Taji Start Me Up - CH Klassic's Sweet Patootie. Owners: Mary K. Quinnett,Larry Quinnett
    4 17 Jumoke Khani Baru Paso Doble. HP09038508. 1/21/04. Brdr: B. Gregory, L. Gregory, G. Woodard, C. Paulsen, K. Britton, DC Khani's Benny N The Jets SC - CH Jumoke Baru Mischievous Sprite. Owners: Bryan Gregory,Laurie Greory,George Woodard
    19 KHANIS JUMOKE BARU MARIMBE. HP09038509. 1/21/04. Brdr: B Gregory,L Gregory,G Woodward,C Paulsen,K Britton, DC KHANI'S BENNY N THE JETS SC - CH JUMOKE BARU MISCHIEVIOUS SPRITE. Owners: Connie Paulsen,Jerry Paulsen,Kathy Britton,B. Gregory
    Basenjis, Open Dogs
    4 21 Etukon Connoisseur of Chaos, JC. HP02340405. 9/19/02. Brdr: Maripat Webber, CH Amun All Starr From Cynosure JC RN - Etukon The Flame of Finchory. Owners: Maripat WebberAgent: Judith K Lange
    1/R 23 FATAKI'S TYGER BURNING BRIGHT. HP08419401. 1/6/04. Brdr: Dana M. MacDonald, FATAKI'S HATARI DAKTARI - FATAKI'S BRANDY FIREWATER JC. Owners: Timothy Monahan,Mary Monahan
    3 27 BARAKA PRINCE OF ABU TIG. HP03128903. 12/17/02. Brdr: Paul L. Root, William J. Bowlus, JUMOKEQUITA AFRICAN LUXOR SC - CH JUMOKEQUITA DREAM OF QENA SC. Owners: Bob Gooderl
    2 29 Jumoke Khani Baru Rumba. HP09038510. 1/21/04. Brdr: G Woodard, B Gregory, L Gregory, C Paulson, K Britton, DC Khani’s Benny N the Jets, SC - CH Jumoke Baru Mischievous Sprite. Owners: George Woodard
    31 SAMBURU INSTANT KARMA. HP07854302. 12/8/03. Brdr: Dilys E Blair-Bain, CH REVEILLE HOO WANTS ROSES - CH TAMBUZI KELELE. Owners: Thomas Bjelland,Mary Bjelland,Dilys E Blair-Bain
    Basenjis, Puppy Bitches 6 Months & Under 9 Months
    2 6 Kazor's Good Karma at FoPaws. HP13351602. 12/5/05. Brdr: Carol A Webb, Ch Kazor Bay-Senji Yuara Natural - Ch Kazor's Only Me. Owners: Therese Leimback,Kevin Leimback,Carol Webb
    3 8 Signet 'Tis-A Wild Honeysuckle. hp13515902. 11/27/05. Brdr: Bill Reeves & Brenda Cassell, Ch Nyanga Signet Sweet William - Ch Signet Explicit Runaround Sue. Owners: Fred Hughes,Joyce Hughes,Brenda Cassell
    1 10 TAJI'S TEA FOR TWO. HP13365301. 12/10/04. Brdr: Katie Campbell, CH JERLIN-SS SPECIAL FORCES - CH TAJI’S GO FOR BAROQUE, JC. Owners: M Farnsworth,JG Kim,Katie Campbell
    Basenjis, Bred by Exhibitor Bitches
    2 12 Kikora's Twinkling Of An Eye. HP08185802. 12/11/03. Brdr: Marian & Michelle Sweeney, CH Coastal's Lighthouse Louie - CH Jamadari Amara Donnabella, Jc, Na, Naj. Owners: Marian Sweeney
    3 14 CHI-TIG'S RED ZINGER. HP07993506. 12/9/03. Brdr: Robert Gooderl, BARAKA PRINCE OF ABU TIG - JUMOKE QUITA AFRICAN CHILO. Owners: Bob Gooderl
    4 16 Taji's Olive Martini. HP08021805. 12/10/03. Brdr: Katie Campbell, CH Taji's Happy Hour - DC Taji's Spice Girl SC. Owners: C Kleinke,K Campbell,J Wheeler
    1/R 22 KHANIS WRITTEN IN THE STARS. HP07749202. 12/14/03. Brdr: Connie Paulsen,Jerry Paulsen,Kathy Britton, CH CANDU'S ROCKET MAN SC - DC JASIRI SUKARI KHANI FRANCIS SC. Owners: Connie Paulsen,Jerry Paulsen,Kathy Britton
    Basenjis, Open Bitches
    3 24 Kikora's Little Red Dragon. HP08185803. 12/11/03. Brdr: Marian & Michelle Sweeney, Coastal's Lighthouse Louie - CH Jamadari Amara Donnabella. Owners: Darcy Bushnell,Marian Sweeney,Michelle Sweeney
    A 26 FoPaws Ticket to Ride. HP04069005. 12/25/02. Brdr: Kevin Leimback, Therese Leimback, Terray Boomir, CH FoPaws Designated Driver - CH Terrarust's Murder She Wrote. Owners: Therese Leimback,Kevin Leimback
    28 COASTAL'S GEM OF NOEL. HM98777905. 12/23/01. Brdr: Dana MacDonald, Suzanne Pintar, CH KAROSEL THIS GUN FOR HIRE - CH FATAKI'S KADIE WILDFIRE JC. Owners: Timothy Monahan,Mary Monahan,Suzanne Pintar
    A 30 Kazor Bay-Senji Mi Joya. HP07901302. 12/8/03. Brdr: Carol Webb,Lamar Stamm,Susan Howard, CH Terrarust N Beaubri Tailr Made - CH Kazor Bay-Senji Yuara Doll. Owners: Denise Haws,Carol Webb
    2 32 TAJI N BERIMO EAU DE PARFUM. HP08126103. 12/14/03. Brdr: Katie Campbell, Pat Marshall, PROUDLAAN ROCKAS RED GLARE - CH TAJI'S BERIMO FINAL JUDGMENT JC. Owners: Katie Campbell,Sue Stabley,Amy Stabley
    1/W 34 TIS-A DRAGONLADY OF HONAH-LEE. HN01254902. 11/24/02. Brdr: Joyce A Hughes,Fred Hughes, CH TIS-A FOPAWS UNDER D' INFLUENCE - CH TISA MY-TYM TO SING JC. Owners: Mary Bjelland,Thomas Bjelland,Joyce A Hughes,Fred Hughes
    1 36 KEYLINE DARKWING AT BUSHBABIES. HM94066301. 1/3/01. Brdr: Teresa Gavaletz,Carla Taylor, CH BUSHBABIES BETE NOIR JC - KEYLINE IYAMA POPSTAR RED JHINN. Owners: Teresa GavaletzAgent: Kelly Shane
    Basenjis, Best of Breed Competition
    25 TAJI'S KLASSIC ARCHITECTURE. HP13660802. 11/26/04. Brdr: Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie, CH PENDA TAJI'S TRI-UMPHANT ONE, JC - CH KLASSIC'S ROOTY TOOT TOOT. Owners: Katie Campbell (Dog)
    33 Ch FoPaws Oh My God. HP09177106. 12/13/03. Brdr: Jordan Reed, Kevin Leimback, Therese Leimback, Terrarust FoPaws AllMyLovin - Ch Atarasi Taji Berimo Dotcom SC. Owners: Therese Leimback,Kevin Leimback (Dog)
    B/G2 35 CH EMERANT'S THE INSTIGATOR JC. HM91546001. 8/20/00. Brdr: Jene Bean,Kenneth Leighton,M. Leighton,L. Hart, CH EMERANT'S FLYIN FIZGIG JC - CH ZURI'S HADIYA AT EMERANT. Owners: Ron Ferguson,Lisa Hart (Dog)
    37 CH BUSHBABIE'S SQUAWCREEK BET ME. HP03358601. 12/30/02. Brdr: Jo Burk,Teresa Gavaletz, CH BUSHBABIES RED RYDER SC - CH SQUAWCREEK'S SHADY LADY. Owners: Jo Burk,Teresa GavaletzAgent: Kelly Shane (Dog)
    BOS 38 CH TAJI'S KLASSIC BEAUTY. HP08226403. 12/4/03. Brdr: Sue Kite, Jeffrey Gillespie, CH Penda Taji's Tri-Umphant One JC - CH Klassic's Rooty Toot Toot. Owners: Katie Campbell (Bitch)
    39 CH Calaz You Don't Know Jack JC. HP08509001. 11/26/03. Brdr: Jean Kaufman,Nancy True, CH Calaz Abba Jabba Lost Ten - CH Calaz Rock'n Retro. Owners: Nancy TrueAgent: Beverly Wright-Osment (Dog)

  • What is this from? Looks like the Pacific NW? Also looks like from a couple years ago?

  • I got this as an email from a local breeder. she told me it was from sunday…weird. I was asking her about Basenji showing and she sent me this...

  • If you look at the birth dates for the catagory called 6-9 month old puppies, you can see that they were born in 2004…which would make them 3+ years old now.

    !!! Wierd!

  • Very odd…
    as the judges here int he PNW shows were Bill Potter and Eric Liebes.
    And none of those dogs were in the ring, except "Arrow" CH Emerant's The Navigator (as a specials dog

    The super was Onofrio and show results are up at www.onofrio.com for the Timberland Valley shows.

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