• Roscoe has urinated in his sleep three times in the past 6 days. He's just turned 16 weeks. The first time he was sleeping on the sofa and when he jumped down he had done a large pee on the cushion. This morning he urinated twice while asleep in my lap. We had done a 30 min. walk about 30 minutes prior to the first accident. I felt something warm and wet on my lap. He was still sleeping and when I lifted him up he had a small urine stain on my pants. I took him outside but he didn't "go", so we went back in. He wanted back up in my lap and went to sleep again. About 20 min. later he did a large pee in my lap. Again, he was sound asleep. Again took him outside but no pee. He seems otherwise fine. Is it normal for him to spontaneously urinate in his sleep? He is not showing any other bladder issues (frequency, discomfort etc).

  • I would still have him check by a Vet for a UTI… sometimes it might be due to teething but usually that is just "forgetting" that they need to go out and pee in the house rather then while sleeping... and sometimes they are just sleeping though it... but IMO... 99% of the time there is something going on like a possible UTI. Another thing... if you take them out... don't bring him back in till he does go.... Have you talked to Tad?

  • That's a good idea about talking to Tad. I was at the vet's 2 days ago for his rabies vaccine, but forgot to mention the incident on the couch to her. I'll e mail Tad and call the vet in the morning. Thanks.

  • Always a good idea to talk to your breeder… they know their dogs best...

  • I hope Roscoe checks out fine. Apache used to pee in his sleep but only during the night in bed. We at first thought he was just not getting up to go out the doggie door since he would jump up AFTER he peed and we'd wake up after that when the warm wet spot spread to us. One night while we were still up he did it and then we realized he was sleeping when he peed. He checked out fine at the vet. He did it for quite a few months and then it just stopped.

  • I e mailed Tad and he thinks it's nothing to worry about. He says it can happen when they are this age. So far no more episodes and no other sypmtoms. I'll keep a watch for any changes. Appetite, playfulness etc are all normal.

  • I still think I would have his urine checked for a UTI… not uncommon for puppies...

  • Good luck and keep us informed

  • If this isn't caused by a UTI, I would guess that the puppy is just sleeping really deeply, and isn't at all aware that he is peeing. You may try gently waking him every 10 minutes or so, and getting him outside to pee?

    One of our girls did this…but I don't remember which one....and I think it was around this age...probably Ariel. It did go away with maturity.

  • I let Dallas sleep in bed with me for the first time this past week & woke up when I felt wetness on my arm. He had peed & was so asleep he didn't wake up until I said "Dallas!" He looked up at me, then licked his penis then looked at me again as if to say "what? did I do that?" Poor pup. I haven't noticed any other signs of anything wrong so I guess sometimes they are just too asleep to wake up…perhaps like kids who are learning not the wet the bed?

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