Urinating only twice a day, cause for concern?

  • Hello,

    So here is how my schedule works,

    I take Malu out for a 20-30 min walk at 6am every morning. On his walk he poops and urintates and additionally marks a few trees along the way. I feed him when we get back and then I leave for work at around 7:15 and put him in his crate. I return between noon and 1pm to let him out. We walk for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes he pee's, sometimes he doesn't. I get home between 4:30-5:30. We go for our afternoon walk for 25-35 mins. Sometimes I replace it with an off-leash run through the woods or a trip to the dog park. He again poops and pees and marks, etc… I spend the rest of the evening at home most nights. I take him out for a quick 5-10 minutes but he rarely goes to the bathroom. Often times, this results in him only relieving himself those two times. Is this okay? He doesn't seem to display any discomfort and the vet said he looked to be in great health when he went in to get neutered 2 weeks ago.

    Does any one else's dog only go twice a day? I know that I go a lot more than that!!


  • Is he getting all the opportunity for water he wants? Eats wet or dry food? If he eats dry and has limited water, that may be all that reaches his bladder.

    It sounds like he gets plenty of opportunity to go. My boys usually go 3 or 4 times during a walk, less each time, till they seem empty (like your morning walk).

    Just be sure you are giving him good opportunity for water, and walks long enough for him to 'pee and re-pee'. Not emptying the bladder can cause sediment to stay in the bladder, which can then be irritating.

    Some dogs just don't drink much, therefore don't pee much. If your vet says he's fine, don't worry! We have a friend whose boy sometimes will only pee once a day, and he has free access to house and water, is very healthy, gets taken for walks…just doesn't seem to need to pee.

  • Kipawa has free access to fresh water (I change it a couple of times a day), though it is never empty when I change it. He 'formally' pees twice a day on his walks, and then a tiny bit right before bed. Our vet said he is in perfect health. I just think this is his routine and that he has developed a good strong bladder.

  • You may want to collect his urine to see if it looks or smells funny. To me it doesn't sound like he is peeing enough or he is not getting enough water. Sometimes dogs will not want to pee if it hurts to urinate-if they have an infection.


  • As long as your vet says everything is fine, don't worry. My female mostly pees only twice (though she has opportunity to pee in the yard when she's out "hunting") and she has several bowls of water available to her.

  • First Basenji's

    my boy only pees on average twice a day. alot of little pees on walks (markings realy).. he doesnt drink alot either we have to encourage him by adding water to his food other wise his water bowl goes untouched

  • First Basenji's

    i was told recently…...that the basenji has the abillity to absorb itsown urine hence the lack of needing to pee often has anyone heard or read such a thing? it was from a reputable breeder.........????????????????

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