Mirtillo meets a horse

Mirtillo met a horse this afternoon.. and of course.. wasn't afraid at all!

And some other pics:

He is too cute… my OJ loves horses, my girls couldn't care less with the exception of Maggii who thinks they are for nose nipping only...

Very cute pictures, and what a pretty horse. My boxer loves horse but I haven't had the chance to introduce TIggy to them

Great pics:D He has lovely wrinkles on his head:D

Cali & Kwame both love horses, I don't know about Belle yet as we haven't been down to the stables yet.

All my mums Basenjis have also loved horses especially when they breath the hot air on them:D

I love the fact that he isn't afraid! Horses are very important for me.. and we are planning some horse-dog-activities for the summer weekends/vacations.

Meet Cheyenne:

Oh WOW!!! Cheyenne is beautiful, wonderful markings.

Cheyenne is beautiful. I'm so glad Mirtillo isn't afraid. Nala has grown up aroung horses since we have two horse farms for neighbors and my sister raises Paints.

We have horses too, but because we are in CT being Navy and all, the horses had to stay in Ohio…:(

gosh he's cute. I just want to smush him (nicely mind you)

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