• Ok 🙂

    So my sister and I are possibly moving to Tasmania- we currently live in Canada!

    We have 7 dogs in total and one horse, we are wondering about the care etc. for a 30 hour plane ride and costs AND quarrentine issues- 2 of our dogs are elderly and a 30 hour plane ride plus quarrentine is a lot for them (ages 10 and 13)

    Also how do they get pee brakes? water? food? just say everything you know please! We don't want to make a big move if its going to be putting two or more of our beloved puppy dawgs in danger!

    Alice and Savannah

  • Gee - I don't even know where Tasmania is - near Australia? Duh - but it sounds like an awful lot of time to get there. They'd probably be more uncomfortable (as I would) than in danger. I've never flown with pets either so, I'm not much help - sorry. There are folks here who would likely know. Good Luck!

  • yes tasmania is located in australia 🙂

  • Does anyone ELSE know anything ?? 🙂

  • All I know is that a vet is a good person to talk to. They can give you a mild sedative for them if they get too restless. Also talk to the airline, they also will know more, as they are the ones that will be in charge of it anyway

  • okayy thanks 🙂

  • Not that it will help you, but here in Tampa there is a service "Air Animal" that specializes in the transportation, or arranging for the transport, of all kinds of animals,mostly pets of course. You might check their web site or call, they may be able to refer you to someone closer to you who can answer your questions.

    Anne in Tampa

  • You should also check with the various airlines that flies to Australia and check their pet regulations… For example, on domestic flights (in the US), on United, you have to call their reservations for pets (e.g. you can't make pet bookings online; you have to talk to someone and tell them)... For my flight, they had room on the cargo for 3 animals... You said you have 7 dogs and a horse... So you'll want to check what they recommend based on your situation... There are also weather and temperature restrictions so when you travel makes a difference…

    Here's some links I found:

    I don't know the reputations of these companies so whomever you choose, it would be a good idea to check the online Better Busines Bureau or google for reviews/etc…

    Hope this helps!

  • From what I understand is that the pets will have a lay over some place like Germany because the flight is so long. The best bet is to contact the embassy and airlines for more info on that, I do know for sure though that they will have a stop at some point because it is inhumane to keep them kenneled for so long.

    Next because you do have older pets, I HIGHLY suggest NOT giving a sedative. I don't recommend giving them at all even for short flights. There are natural remedies that you can give to help relieve stress, but I would avoid any sedatives or tranquilizers.

    Next I'm sure that Tasmania has a quarantine that follows Australia, here's a link to the quarantine laws, and what is posted there

    Here's an email for the quarantine that you can contact in regards to your questions also: Quarantine.Enquiries@dpiw.tas.gov.au

    Here are also so more links that can help you, the second one should be where you will find the most info

  • I totally agree about the sedative

  • thankyou 🙂 that last site given was really helpful!

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