Airlines with the most pet fatalities in 2011

Here's an article about airlines with the most pet fatalities in 2011 and why….

First Basenji's

Ugh, I hate reading these reports, but I do think it's super important to have that information out there, and give the process some semblance of transparency.

I am curious about a couple things here, and I wonder if anyone might be able to shed some light on this? I have heard that Delta "transports more pets than any other airlines" because they are one of the few airlines that service certain "puppy mill" states in the Midwest. But also, somewhat disturbingly to me, is that they don't actually need to include pets that were not "owned" at the time of death. So if a USDA broker is shipping a litter of puppies to a pet store, and half of them die en route, this is not included in the FAA reports.

On a somewhat related note, Pet Airways is apparently not doing very well… 😞

I long for the day when air travel with my pets will be safe, affordable, and comfortable. One can dream!

I had not heard about the problem with Pet Airways. I hope the issue with it is actually a contract problem and not a financial one! The woman in the story who did not get her money back from Pet Airways should be getting her money back from her credit card company and then the credit card company deals with the company.


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