Bessie got out of Jason Marr's yard today. He still has not found her and welcomes suggestions. Cold, nasty weather is headed their way as it has been freezing rain and sleeting in IL for a few hours now. It is already raining there.

    Also - Bessie's BRAT tag ID is 2795.

    He plans to post fliers tomorrow. He has contacted AC and is searching.

  • What part of Columbus. I live in the north part. In the Powell area. How about a description?

  • All i know is she is red and white! sorry i dont know more.. its a cross post from the BRAT-CHAT list.. if you are in any part of columbus keep an eye out!

  • I hope he finds the dog. I wouldn't worry too much about the cold/crappy weather. Basenji's are so cute and charming they typically get scooped up and given a place to stay right away!

  • That's why I probably would worry - remember the lady in CA who lost hers? Someone probably picked it up and took it home. If Bessie had a collar tag on, then I hope whoever finds her does the right thing and if she didn't have her tag on I hope she is returned anyway.

  • Follow up: I read on another list that Bessie is home, a woman found her the day she was lost (going up an expressway entrance ramp) and has had her, saw one of the signs posted in a CVS and contacted the owner. So she was safe and inside all the time, lucky little dog. It was actually the first sign the owner posted!

  • Hooray hooray!

  • Alright GREAT news!!!

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