Lost basenji in IL

I thought I would cross post this here. One of the members of the basenji club I belong to has a lost little basenji girl. Share and cross post. Lets bring this dog home.



how very sad; please keep us updated.

Hope she is found very soon.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Two weekends ago Mr Baroo and Buddy found a weak spot in the 8 foot fence around their half acre playground and went exploring. Talk about a frantic couple, Karin and I spent 26 and a half hours searching and advertising the escape. The one thing that we had done just in case, was having their name, address and phone number engraved on their dog tags. On the second day Karin answered the phone and a very nice lady informed us that the boys had been visiting her 2 dogs for a 2 day play date. When we got them home we told them that next time they wanted to explore they had to do it from our car.

This girl has been FOUND this morning… she is in surgery today to fix a broken leg, but the good news is it is a clean break and should heal fine....

Thank you so much for posting this. I was looking all over the internet for good news about this today and could not find anything.

Thanks for updating the thread Tanza. I was trying to this morning, but for some reason I could not log in.

I was so thrilled when they posted that she had been found!

All the update from her owners was on FB… she is out of surgery and the leg repair was great... she is doing well and will go home with Karla tomorrow afternoon! And yes, I would have posted sooner, but seems the site was down for a bit this morning

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