Doggie Park Adventure

So we decided to take Dallas to the dog park today for a fun afternoon of running. The few times we've taken him before there were never any other dogs so we would just throw the ball & run around with him. Today however, there were tons of other little doggy friends, including another basenji named Curly, whom Dallas got along with splendidly! 🙂 Check out the pictures!

Dallas meeting Curly [the basenji] & a 13 week old German Shepard puppy named Bella

Starting to play together. These two were like the three musketeers all afternoon!

Running basenjis! I loved watching them run together! Bella couldn't keep up with them :p

Catching his breath for a second underneath Daddy's legs.

But then he & Curly were at it again investigating a new dog who entered the park.

I had a great day today & LOVED seeing him interact not only perfectly with all the other dogs but with another basenji as well. Plus, I think my boyfriend seeing him play with Curly helped my case to get another one in January 😉

Great to see them running and playing together! Very nice pictures!

I think Dallas will sleep all night 😉

Wonderful pictures I'm glad they had a good time

Fiji just had her first dog park adventure today. She was great - enjoyed running and playing with all the other dogs.

Balboa Park has a huge fully-fenced enclosure with a double gated entrance. It was nice to be able to let her off lead and know the area was secure. I was surprised how good she was about running for a while but always coming back to sit by us and touch base for a few minutes between adventures.

The only dog all afternoon that was a trouble-maker was a little Chi mix, growling and snapping at big, baffled labradoodles and bulldogs. Other than that, my husband said it looked like a dog train with a whole line of pups happily moving along nose to bum to nose to bum.

So Cute…I Can't wait for Zaire to be old enough for us to go out to the dogparks....Charlie is starting to get miffed that he is missing his twice a week visit to the park. 🙂 Thank you for the great pics.

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