Baxter and Electra… and their pet humans say Hi.

Just found these forums. Bout time someone did it!

First thing's first… HELLO from Baxter, Electra, the other 2 humans, and myself!

here are Baxter and Electra's webpages with pictures and videos.

Basenji Mix

Welcome! Wow - Baxter & Electra have their own web page! How great! They are two lucky cuties. Thanks for sharing and enjoy this forum. I certainly do because I learn so much from veteran Basenji "pet humans".

Curious, what are your dogs pedigrees? If you know that is! 🙂 Just curious!

Thanks for sharing thier photo albums… it was neat to see the different stages in thier lives... They are beautiful !!!!

What beautiful basenjis you have. They are gorgeous. Welcome to the forum. A great source of info.

OMG! I went to the basenji store on your site….I LOVE the sweatshirt "Barking...just because you can, doesn't mean you have to!"

Beautiful dogs, happy to have you on board!

FINALLY found the link back here. 🙂
( Had to brainwash my computer )
does happy dance

Basenji Mix

Welcome back dolphpun! What's new?



Welcome to the pack 😃 😃

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