• We are the proud new parents of a 3 1/2 lb. Basenji/Italian Greyhound puppy. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen and has the most playful and snuggly personality ever! She looks more like a Basenji than GH. We have had her for only two days and what a sweetheart. I have enjoyed reading all of the forum threads about crate training and potty training. I can use all the information anyone is willing to give. I hope we aren't disqualified because she is not pure bread:( We struggled with a name and between calling her "baby" and cocoa we came up with the name of Senjie. Lame I know but it fits her. So we are looking forward to hearing from everone:)

    Chad, Noelle and Senjie

  • Welcome Chad Noelle and Senjie
    Senjie sounds fabulous!
    My name is Angee and my husband Lance and I have a 10week old Basenji we call Bandit and a 2 year old Lowchen we call Alfie.
    I now have the camera returned by our daughter, so will take a photo soon.
    All the best

  • Thanks for taking the time to say hi and welcome us. I appreciate the feedback on Senjie's name. I hope I can get a ton of great information here and how cute are everyone's names and doggies here.

    Noelle and Senjie

  • Welcome - to the Forum - It's alot of fun - Enjoy!

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