I'm learning to use this forum

  • It's a bit difficult to translate everything what you all write about your basenji's, but I'm to curious so I'll read post by post.. 😃

    I really love to read about all of them because here in Holland there are not so many Basenji's.
    On the shows, there are usually not more then 12 basenji's, so I think after a while my Englisch is very good, thanks to you all!! 😉

    Now about our Basenji's:

    Saturday we picked up Chafuko, the littel Brindle monster…
    When we got home, our cat Spaik did'nt seem to hate him so much.. haha with Buana he sat a couple of days under a closet!
    Buana is very in love, it's a boy again but that does'nt matter..
    They play, and howl against each other!
    We don't think it would go so well!!!

    Both are sleeping now, what do you want after hours playing... :rolleyes:

    I shall place some nice pictures from the two buddy's

    Ow, when I'm offline for a while, then we may stay in Belgium or Germany with the ship. There we don't have www.

  • Glad that Chafuko and Buana are getting along well.
    Stay in touch and let us know what kind of mischief your ship-living dogs do.

  • It's good to hear that your boys are getting along so well. When you do have internet access then you can post more pictures and stories. I'm excited to hear about basenji's on boats.

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