• I've seen in previous threads that some folks like to give their beasties nyla bones to help with teeth grooming. My previous beastie never liked them and so I didn't get one for EL D until the other day. He enjoys chewing on it (about 4 inch size) but mangaes to chomp through it fairly quickly. I tore the package when I opened it and so can't really read the fine print but something about not being digestible and something about not for strong chewers stuck out. Are they supposed to eat these things? Or is it just to give them some gum exercise? Should I just make sure he only has the bigger piece and toss the small chunks? Or am I worrying too much?

  • you might have gotten a "flexible" one. I once picked that one up by mistake and Mia chewed it up in like 5 min as well, I threw it out. Look for the word "durable" on them, they are usually white in color or a slight beige. If they are somewhat see through then those are the flexible ones.

  • Nyla bones were designed that if they are ingested it will pass through the digestive system with no problems. Basically pieces won't stick to themselves where other things like rubber might (and has causing blockage) Tiggy has chewed on the flexible ones and eaten some it with no problems. The normal ones are harder and Tiggy actually hasn't chewed any chunks out of it.

  • What color is yours, there are three different styles. There are the really hard ones (for Basenjis) and two other ones . I remember that the translucent one is for puppies only, and there is another one that looks colored like industrial carpet, but the regular white/brown/or beige ones are the hard ones, i think they have more flavors than this, but Medjai has the chicken (white) regular nylabone (beige) and chocolate (brown) {with no chocolate}. He absolutely loves them and will steel them from my parents dog.

  • I have given them to Dallas before & after 5 minutes I looked over & he'd finished it! I wasn't sure if he was supposed to eat it or not so I just haven't bought them since. I have been buying the Healthy Edibles by Natural instead because they are like a nylabone but are certainly edible. Although he goes through these in 5 minutes as well.

  • The EL D blew through (inhaled?) in no time was a translucent one so that's probably the flexible one. The other one is solid with nubbies on it. I"ll look for the durable ones next time or try the Healthy Edible ninabeana suggested. Thanks all.

  • Mine love the durable Nylabones. Their favorites are the dental dinosaurs. Even with hard chewers, these last many, many months and they do not break apart.

  • I am so glad we have this Forum. I have been trying to find something for Tyler and Zoey to chew on that would be safe and not break apart. I had only tried the clear nyla bones and didn't like the way they would make their gums bleed because they would chew chunks out of them. I will run down and get some of the other color now.

  • I love, love, love Nylabones! We have to get the Durable because both furkids are mighty chewers. Yesterday I picked up the T-Bone steak looking Nylabone which they are loving. I tried the spare rib looking one but they managed to rip pieces off that one because it was too soft.

    The other Nylabone chew that I love is the dental ball and the dental dinosaur. I have to order the dental ball because I have not found a store around here that sells them.

    We have the ring but they didn't seem very impressed with that. The edible Nylabone's don't last very long either since both Chase and Zahra devour treats like they never get them.

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