Where to buy a dog crate in LA?

  • I'm going on a long road trip with my two furkids, and I leave LA in two weeks. About a week ago, I ordered a very nice collapsible dog crate (brand Guardian Gear) from a Web company, doggonegoodstuff.com. I find out today that not only has the item not been shipped, it's not being sent to me at all and the company has unceremoniously refunded my money. Grrrr! snarl!

    So now I need to find at least one collapsible crate that can fit in the back seat of my Toyota Corolla, and I need it quick. Does anyone have any suggestions on Los Angeles pet stores that carry collapsible crates? I'll call Petco and Petsmart but prefer to shop at a non-chain retailer.



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  • I am not sure if the have that type of crate, but Centinela feed and pet store has a large selection. You may want to try there. I love that store! They are at 7600 S. Sepulveda Boulevard. Good luck!

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