• Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a good vet in San Diego that is familiar with the Basenji Breed.


  • I am not sure if it is too far for you, but I know of a great vet that is in the Vista area. I know they had pics on the wall there of some B's but I didn't have one when I went to her, so I don't know how familiar they are, but either way they were always great with my animals. I would highly recommend them, and they are very cheap too! If you want more info let me know.

  • Yes, please supply more info. Thanks!

  • Anyone live near Carlsbad? My friend just moved there (from San Clemente) with her basenji Sherman but has not been able to find any other basenjis for him to play with.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Hi Anne (by the other bay). We're in downtown San Diego, a 30-40 min drive to Carlsbad. There's a nice dog beach in Del Mar - sort of in between - that might be fun for a meetup. You can email me if you want to put us together. I've not seen our Fiji with another Basenji yet but we're meeting up with a woman I met through the rescue org and her 3 b's weekend after next.

  • I will e-mail her and tell her to look at this thread, she is on the Forum, I think. It would be neat for you to get together!


  • What kind of info would you like?

  • Dan, I was responding to the post in response to yours that said they knew of a basenji-aware vet in Vista. I was asking for the vet's info: name, number.

  • I have PM'd you with the name and number of our vet in University City - she owns Basenjis and has treated ours for 6 years.


  • Hi Terry - Hasn't shown up yet but I'll look forward to getting the info. Univ CIty would be much closer for me than Vista 🙂

  • I was wondering what other information you wanted. lol

  • Thanks Terry, will give her a call.

  • Ah, I see, you PMd Dan- could one of you pass the info to me as well, please? Just rescued our basenji last weekend from Santa Barbara area and we need a local vet - we're in downtown SD. Thanks!

  • Took Cairo to Colony Vet. It was an informative visit. Laura is very knowledgeable about B's. I felt very comfortable with her and she listened to my questions. They will be Cairo's vet for now on. Thanks Terry for the info.

  • Hi Dan,
    Saw Cairo yesterday at Colony. What a sweetie!!
    We had gone in to get blood drawn on our 2 pups + 1 who lives in San Marcos, as well as 2 of our others. We were causing a Basenji riot in the waiting room! I went to the back to get something and spotted a B in the run. So of course I checked the sign and saw it was "Cairo Lunas." Even in a strange place, with a complete stranger making overtures, he came right up to the gate and let me pet him and make silly noises. Do you have a cat? He was fascinated by Flash, the office cat, who insists that I pet him as long as possible whenever he sees me.
    I'm sure Laura emphasized it, but keep Cairo very quiet, preferably crated as much as possible for the next several days - it will help with swelling and pain.
    Give him a hug from his newest admirer!

  • Hi Terry,

    Cairo is really great with people, kids, dogs, and if a cat would let him get near them he would be great with them too. He just loves playing with everybody. We socialize him allot. That is making it hard for us now because even though he is sore and healing from surgery, he just wants to play. He has sooooo much energy to burn off. If you have any suggestions we are listening. it should be over soon though.

    Thanks for saying hello.

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