• My oldest son got a girlfriend for his African Gray parrot Pete. Little Mama is about 6 months old. She already knows her name so there's no chance of changing it to something more exotic. Pete is thrilled. He's a little older and has a good vocabulary. Says things like Turn the Light Out Buddy and Hi Grandma. Little Mama is just talking baby gibberish now but Brett swears he heard her say I Love You. I can't wait to hear her say that. Grandma is already loved by a rottweiller, a lab, a combo doggie, and a cat. There's room for more. For a basenji that is such a snoot around other dogs, Abbey loves Mona, Toad, Frankie, and Roofus. The only other dog she tolerates is her friend Jack the dalmation who is quite elderly and can hardly get out anymore. She gives him little kisses on his nose every time she sees him.

  • Lenora, btw, my daughter is named Leora and they often call her Lenora 🙂

    I have friends who do bird rescue and if you ever need their advice, just yell and I'll give you their email. Bless their hearts, lol, Leora is on their will to inherit 2 of their birds. I told them "don't die til she has her own home." I like to visit birds, just don't want one!

    As for the name, just like with dogs, you CAN change it. Call her "little momma EXOTIC NAME FILL IN THE BLANK), then slowly drop the Little momma. She'll pick it up.

  • I've never considered myself a bird person or cat person either but it makes your heart melt when this squawky voice says Hi Grandma! Now I have to plan a trip to California just to see the grandkids!

  • My best friend use to own an African Gray. They are one of the best speaking birds in the world. I'm sure Little Mama's vocabulary will continue to increase over years to come. My friend's bird would shreek "Hello" if the phone rang, and "come in" if the doorbell rang. Sidney could even speak in whole sentences, which sometimes were hard to understand.

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