• Does anyone have their B on a raw food diet? A friend of mine told me that she started her dog on the raw food products made by Nature's Variety (frozen patties) and how her dog's energy, fur, allergies, and skin all improved dramatically. I started both my dogs on the raw food patties about five days ago.

    Would love to hear info and stories from other raw food feeders!


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  • Until he was 1, my boy was raw fed. Then I got him and said ewww to a raw diet until I started doing some research on my own (i.e., with little pressure from his breeder, who wasn't keen on my decision and gamely suggested a quality kibble). He's been back on raw now for the last couple years, and I intend to keep him there.

    Personally, I don't see any significant changes (other than lessening of poop output), but I believe that a raw diet is better healthwise, especially in the long-run, for him.

    BTW, I subscribe to the whole-prey model of raw. He eats a wide variety of meat sources and gets no grains and very little veggies/fruits. The only supplement I give is salmon oil.

  • I think that if you seach the yahoo groups that there is a Basenji raw diet group there that you could join.

    I do "semi" raw, but also use kibble.

  • mmm Sounds Tasty. I cooked Cairo's food for the first few years, then moved him to a raw meat diet for a few years. We had a Dalmation who liked raw food, and though she mothered Cairo he would eat this food unusually fast to stop her from getting it first. But when she died, he went off the raw meat so I resummed cooking it up. These days I find he prefers cooked food and eats more of it than with the raw stuff. But it never seemed to do him any harm so good luck with finding a diet that your B likes.

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