Please tell me they will melt

  • I hate my dogs today (okay only the senji).

    First, because of her steroids, Sayblee has kept me up for over a week. She can't just get up to get a drink, she has to mess with the chow or the trash. So I have been up hourly. Husband away so last night (he won't put up with screaming so crating at night not option when he is home) at 1:30 I put them in their crates on the far end of the house. I do feel more human today. Not sure she and I are going to survive this month of steroids!

    But that's not why I hate them. Though i am sure the fatigue is contributing.

    It rained nearly all day yesterday… so they were inside nearly all day. Now its raining today again. No exaggeration, since I THREW them out to potty at 6:30, they have DEMANDED to leave the bedroom and go out about 20 times. I have given in 5 of them. They go to the door, see rain, RUN back to the bedroom. Now, the window in the bedroom is open.. right? They SEE its raining out the front of the house. But NOOOOOOOOO, gotta make sure its raining out the back.

    So this last time I threw them out the back door in the rain. I hope they melt. I really do. I'll reconstitute them or dehydrate them into basenji form after the rains stop.

    Debra, who is experiencing the flip side of :mad: "tired dogs are good dogs"

  • Goodness you are a mess. Slow down and know there are better days ahead. Good look to you.

  • Oah Debra I am so sorry to hear that they are getting to you. Sounds like things are really hectic right now. Good luck and stay strong. Things will become normal again. (Hopefully soon!)

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