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Hello I am currently the true owner of this dog and I would love for someone from brat to contact me. Message me for contact details and I'll also explain the situation to the best of my knowledge.

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Bella is most likely resource guarding. I would start by feeding her by hand and making her do something to get the food. With bones I would take them away altogether for a while until she starts to realize her place. She should not get on the furniture until you give her permission, or your bed. She should sit before she goes out to pee and before she comes in. Repeat that for a week or so to when she seems to respond positively, and then giver her a bone but again, she has to sit to get it.

Yeah I make her sit before I give her food or take her out for walks. I also have her sit as soon as we get back from walks and patiently wait for me to take the leash off. Thank you for all advice I definately am willing to try anything.

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Hello everyone I am a new basenji owner. Just got my wonderful bella. She is wonderful in every way except one. She sometimes gets a pretty bad attitude. I rescued her from a neglectful owner and she is about a year and a half. I'm trying to integegrate her to the family. We have a weiner dog and a tea cup chiwawasp They both belong to my roommate. She gets along with them ok but every once in a while she'll growl and get very aggressive.
For example today she stole the bone while they were playing with it. I went to get it back and she raised her fur and growled at me. I told her no very firmly but not agressively. And as soon as I got close she nipped my hand. Not a big deal cuz it was me but if she does it to my room mate I'm afraid I may have to rehome her. Any advice for helping her out of these habits would be immensley appreciated. I love my bella and it'd break my heart to see her go

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