Happy 2nd Birthday Lenny!

Lenny is 2 today!

Gosh…I love the puppy pictures. So sweet. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Lenny. The 3rd pic looks all to familiar

What adorable pictures - just melts your heart.

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Lenny is 2 today!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lenny! 🙂 What a cute CUTE puppy! At 2 - I love the wise eyed puppy you've become - just beautiful! 🙂

Happy birthday Lenny!!

Happy Birthday! A brindle reminds me of a delicious chocolate chip cookie!
Beautiful dog. Enjoy your birthday!

OMG…how beautiful he is now and so adorable as a puppy! Ooh...I could just eat him up!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lenny! He's grown into a beautiful boy.

Happy Birthday Lenny! What a handsome boy!

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