• Just thought I'd drop a hello since I'm going to be at least fostering a Basenji in the near (Hopefully very near) future.
    Dogless at the moment because I recently found an absolutely perfect home for my lab/shep/? foster of 5-months, and I've been eyeing the breed since I first happened across them at the dog parks.

    I'm talking with the coordinator from BRAT (lovely rescue) about Bs who might potentially be ok with using my home, so it's only a matter of being placed with the right one.. I've done my share of reading and talking to B owners.. and, well, all of it's just horrible. This dog is going to come stomping in with laserbeam eyes and just plow through everything I own, leaving me sobbing in a pile of debris, less one cat and one bf.

  • Hello! Welcome! Where in CT are you? I have 2 B's and am often in Hamden…

  • I'm in New London for a little while more. Trying to move out of this area (But cticking within.. probably 30min of.) 🙂

  • I know it's NJ, but I found this guy online today. He's a rat terrier, but awfully cute. http://www.dogster.com/dogs/662397

  • No, no! I'm not looking! lol
    I'm going to be placed, and waiting patiently for that, hehe. But thank you.

  • Hi Corvine,
    I grew up in Waterford, have a house in Montville, I have a Tri mix, you can access my profile under name Stellabella. During the summer I operate RESOLUTE at Mystic Seaport, Stellabella is my faithful assistant, and entertains the passengers, She is an official Seaport volunteer.
    We think she is the best dog in the world, was a rescue, has the sweetest personality, Basenji's forever! Stellasperson

  • Hello everyone from CT Id sure LOVE a playdate when my B puppy gets here!!!

  • well ppl like you are awesome. I keep trying to get my friends in the states to foster… They really arnt SO bad, they just require a little extra thought process for normal day to day. eheheheh 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum Corvine. Keep us posted on your foster (including pictures if you can).

  • I'm in Wethersfield, CT and would totally be up for a B-meetup! We could even have it in my backyard… its fully fenced....

  • it would be great, hehe! I cant do one until I get my puppy and its a little bigger tho, but Yea, Id be there! How faar are you from Groton?

  • I think I'm about an hour from Groton. If you've been to Gretchen's place, I'm about 3 miles from where she lives… i think.

  • Really awesome! Maybe when I have a puppy playdate we can meet!! hehe

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