Hello from Ontario… with a B & a Bx

  • Hello everyone. A quick introduction, and a thank you to all who create, maintain and participate on this forum. It is a wonderful resource for B and B mix enthusiasts and a most enjoyable site to visit to simply read the many marvelous tales of Basenjis and their devoted loving people. My name is Jen, and my husband and I are the humbled human servants of a recently adopted 1 yr. old male tri B and a 3 yr. old female B/Boxer mix.

    We've been pack leaders to many canine friends over the decades, and delight in the company of our dogs. We are always exactly where we want to be, when we are with our B's. It is my belief, that to earn the love, respect and devotion of any animal, is the greatest reward this mortal coil can offer.

    Nice to meet you all,

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