Hello from CT

I have two 7 year old Basenji mix boys (littermates). I was told they were a jack russell mix when I adopted them, but after DNA testing and I found out they are Boston/Basenji's. Very strong Basenji personalities, with the bonus that they bark AND yodel! (lucky me). I want to get them a little sister B one day and extend my crazy family.

Welcome to you and your boys 🙂

Welcome to you and your boys. I hope you'll post some pictures, please, it's an interesting mix!

Welcome to the forum. Your little guys look quite interesting - post more pics please

Thanks all, more pics as requested. Frankie is larger, and has no tail, and Joey came with a broken tail if you can tell in any of these pics.

Welcome to you and your boys! I never would have guessed basenji/boston…what an interesting combo! They're cute and look like they're a lot of fun!

Tank you for the pictures - I would never have guessed the combo - they look lovely boys though.

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