• BJ

    I experienced my first Basenji when I was only a child - over 22 years ago. The details are a bit lost to time, but I'll do my best…

    BJ was our female tri. Named for the first initials of my brother and my names. These were the days when the closest main road was miles away. Time passed and development neared and the road that our neighborhood ended on became paved and a throughway between two points of interest. BJ was allowed free roam of the 'hood since she was a pup and everyone knew her. She managed to tree every cat in the neighborhood at least once. She was my childhood companion.

    My mom had her own business and ran it partially from home, but wasn't home all of the time. She and the FedEx lady were good friends since it was the same lady who came every day.

    I came home from school one day and she wasn't there to meet me as usual. My mom wasn't home either. I called and called and remembered she had a favorite spot on the front stoop where she would lie in the sun in the afternoons. I opened the front door and there she was. I said "Hello!" and shut the door. As I shut the door, I hesitated because something wasn't right. I opened the door again and saw she was lying on a FedEx bubble pack with a note next to her. I called her name but there was no response and then I read the note.

    "I found her on Britt Road. She had been hit by a car. I'm so terribly sorry. I loved her too.

    Shirley had stopped and picked BJ up from the side of the road and delivered the package to her favorite afternoon sleeping spot with care, for one last time.

    I closed the door and sat on the stairs crying for hours until mom came home. My mom arrived and after she assessed the situation she sat with me and we cried together.

    I'll never forget my first Basenji.

    I still think about you often, BJ...

  • How very sad…. and certainly teaches us all to never let your pets run loose... it takes only one car, one time... regardless of where you live...

  • So many Basenjis…so many I have known personally...great show dogs, loving pets, so many have died this way. What a sad and touching story....I sure hope everyone who reads it understands the message....

    I am really sorry that you and your family had to go throught that...

  • What a very touching story, TuckerVA. BJ sounds like she left her paw prints on everyone's heart who met her.

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