The world show in Stockholm 2008

  • Do you come to Stockholm next summer?
    The week before there is a whole week with basenji showes in Vadstena, Sweden. Only Basenjis! Many fun classes, best wrinkles, best red-white, best of pretty much everything that is unic for Basenjis.

  • I am going to try and be there!!

  • Two of my kids live in Norway, and I believe their owners are planning on going to Sweden next year for the World Dog Show 🙂

    The kids names are Mzalia Making Headlines (Tasha) and Mzalia Making Mischief (Zally) and they are littersisters to my Tyler and Whoopee that you can see photos of in the Gallery.

    Zally is owned by Ingeborg Kjol Molnes (Kennel Azania's) and Tasha is owned by Annika Kass.


  • God do I want to go…I just don't know...Kiya's driving me crazy with her atypical heat cycles!!!!!!!! UGH

  • We will be in Stockholm- probably🙂

  • Yes we will come to The basenji Special in Vadstena and to the World Show 2008 in Stockholm were we also will attend the circuit show were Damara Bolte from Reveille basenjis will be judging.Maybe we can meet up and have a chat 🙂

  • @Arti:

    We will be in Stockholm- probably🙂

    A post from Arti???? are you OK????

  • @tanza:

    A post from Arti???? are you OK????

    Unfortunately, I think Arti's post was a couple of days before we received the message about the accident. I did a double take also.


  • Pat
    What accident??I hope it´s not something bad….

  • @myran:

    Yes we will come to The basenji Special in Vadstena and to the World Show 2008 in Stockholm were we also will attend the circuit show were Damara Bolte from Reveille basenjis will be judging.Maybe we can meet up and have a chat 🙂

    Of course we can meet. Det lär vi göra.
    Are you going to my dog in gbg in januari?

  • Hi
    Beckis I forgot and missed the last date to Gothenburg:(
    Yes i´m sure we´ll meet are you coming with Susanne and Roland?
    I really wish we´ll get some american basenjis in stockholm the more the merrier:))

  • Hello:)
    I will be there for sure:D I`m so exciting! There will be the most beautiful basenjis on the world!!!

  • That´s what we´re hoping for basenjis from allover the world competing for the title 😃 Are you coming to the basenji speciality?If one competes at all the shows during this week on has the chance of winning 3 cc´s and couple of cac´s imagine hitting the jackpot and becoming national&international champion and world winner in one week🆒

  • I will be with my basenji:) Myran-do You know more about specialty?

  • Sat june 28th KC show CC (CAC) in Borås
    Sun june 29th Speciality show CC(CAC)judge: TBA in Vadstena
    Mon june 30th Obedience Club Championship in Vadstena
    Mon june 30th African Match judge: Peter Broadbent, Eng. in Vadstena
    Tues july 1 Special Classes( wrinkles,best joddler..etc..) judge:TBA
    Wed july 2 Colour Match judge:Christian Jouanchicot(out of Africa),FRA in Vadstena.And ofcourse we´ll be having barbeques and lot´s of fun;)
    Thur-Sunday july 3-6 World Dog Show CC(CAC)CACIB,World Winner,World Junior Winner,World Veteran Winner,Swedish Champion in Stockholms showcentre Älvsjö
    Saturday july 5 Circuit Show CC(CAC) judge:Damara Bolte (Reveille Basenjis),US in Almare Stäket (The Horse Polo Club)just outside Stockholm.
    So you see it´s a week packed with fun why don´t you call Andrej from the Loango kennels or Helena at the Faraoland Kennels in Sweden?I´m sure they can offer you more info also you could try Malgo at Germanika Kennels or Noel at Mutabaruga in Germany.
    Anyone intrested can go on the swedish basenji site or the kennel club where you can get the english info.

  • Sorry it was supposed to be Damara.

  • Yes, I know- they arrange all for me:) But I wont call to Loango because they have many problems etc. Could You tell me how they will be judge best joddler? And I heard about track racing or lure coursing championships. Thats true?

  • The best yoddler well first of all you have to get your basenji to yoddle on command and then the judge listens and chooses who he/she thinks is the best sounding I suppose.Lure Coursing championships are inofficial in sweden as the sighthound club hasn´t given us the right to get the official champion title but it Finland you can get the title.But atleast we´re glad that we´re alouded to use the lure track.

  • Huh- how can I learn singing my basenji… He sings only when I go to a shop and he stays allone, near the shop:D

  • Hahhaaa this is an informal and fun competiton but you can compete for the best wrinkles,best paws,best tail curl,best black/white or best basenji expression,best ears etc….they charge 2-3 euro per class so it´s more of a fun thing and to bring money into the club;)

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