• Today I was looking at the new catalog for Doctors Foster and Smith (never ordered from them) and lo and behold on page 117 advertising (of all things) heavy duty carpeted stair steps to put next to a bed, a black & white basenji named Jake. I don't know if I was more shocked to see a basenji in an ad or what the item was! I know from Lillie…she surely doesn't need steps to jump on my bed, couch and dining room table! Anyway, it was really nice to see a basenji! Has anyone else seen this pic?

  • Here's the pic, cute dog

    Three step stairs for pets

    It's great to see basenji in the "pre-say" media, not in the sense to make the breed more popular for everyone to want one, but so they know it is a pure breed and not something else.

  • That is a very cute dog!! I didn't check out my latest Dr. F&S catalog - it arrived close to garbage day, so I tossed it and I missed the pic - glad you posted it, WBL!

  • oh! i get that catalog. i'll have to check for it when it arrives! i normally flip through all the pet supply magazines looking for basenji models. have not seen one yet!

  • Thats great, Brian and I always complain that there are not enough B's in advertising!

  • Yes I seen this Catalog it's been in there for a while. I also was very supprised to see a basenji in a catalog. The steps I have them I got them when my first basenji was getting old and having a hard time getting up on the bed. It took here about two days to learn how to use them and then she use them until she passed away. It made her like a lot better to be able to get on the bed without falling. Her sight and hearing also was getting bad. But we did what we could to make her last years easier for her and we miss her. Now we have Two new b's and they love to run up and down the steps but they don't need them but the steps were great when they were small puppies.

  • That's hysterical 😃 :D…you're so RIGHT a basenji certainly does NOT need one of those! LOL LOL

  • At least it wasn't one of the dogs showing off their diapers 😃

  • I just got a copy of In The Company Of Dogs catalog today and lo and behold, there's a gorgeous brindle basenji named Raisin modelling a lovely $79.95 dog sweater w/ a matching $29.95 scarf (haha! little do they know that most senjis would turn that into a $79.95 dog toy and some $29.95 dental floss! 😉 🙂 ). It's on page 13 if anyone else gets this catalog and wants to check it out.

  • I hope this works…here is the pic of Raisin the Basenji from the catalog In The Company of Dogs. Not sure if this was the pic in the catalog, this pic was on their website where they previewed some of the dogs in the catalog.

  • OK I guess it worked and it is not the pic from the catalog since Raisin is not modeling the sweater and scarf. The caption next to this pic stated,
    DOES THIS LOOK LIKE YOUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK PICTURE? Our art director swears no school portrait exists of her grades 7-12. (It seems the photographer always snapped when her eyes were shut!) Even our incredible photographers occassionally snap a blink…but not often!
    IMO, Raisin looks beautiful with his eyes open or shut!::)

  • Found more pics of Raisin. I'm not sure if I am more excited about seeing a basenji in a catalog…or finally figuring out how to copy a pic to a different file and upload pics I didn't take!

  • Raisin is so cute, and such an expressive face!

  • Raisin is so darn cute! I saw him modelling the tie and also stretched out on a luxurious looking dog bed when I looked at the full catalog! Thanks for the pics, Jodie! They're great!

  • Oh yeah, I love the name Raisin for a basenji! All those wrinkles - it's perfect! 😃

  • OMG Rasin is adorable, I love all of the pics, the one with him with his eyes closed and the "smug" grin on his face is way to cute

  • What a great looking dog! I'd like to know what they used to bribe him (her?) to sit that long with that stupid tie. My EL D would have that shredded before the photographer finished snapping it on! 🙂

  • Love the tie on Rasin, pretty cool!:)

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