• How do your dogs feel about popcorn? Every dog I have had in the past loved it. Our beagle is completely not interested in anything we are eating period. But Dash is generally giving the lovey eyes when we eat so he can have the plate when we are done. He does the same for popcorn but when I give him a piece he is totally confused. He always dances around it for a few minutes and then pounces and smashes it. Then sits down and waits for another piece. He NEVER eats it. Every time I have it I give him a piece to see if he changed his mind but he does the same thing. It is really funny to watch but still weird. Any one else with popcorn phobias?

  • Is the salt good for basenjis?

  • Both my B's and Gypsy LOVE popcorn.

    The only fight that Gypsy and Jazzy ever had that actually led to {a small amt} of blood being drawn was over popcorn!

    The biggest fights that Jazzy and Keoki had when he first moved in were over popcorn!
    It was impossible to enjoy a family movie night with the dogs in the room. We wound up putting them out when we first started the popcorn popper, and not letting them in the house until about 1/3 way through the movie, LOL.

    Now they just hover around the popper {we use an oil-based popper}, and wander between family members when we're eating it, and everyone tosses a piece to each dog every so often. Sometimes, just so I'll be left alone, I'll put a small pile in front of each dog.

    I don't worry about the salt or oil because we only eat it on Friday nights, and the dogs don't get a whole heck of a lot; just enough to make them happy.

    We have found they don't care as much for microwave popcorn, nor hot-air.

  • @JazzysMom:

    We have found they don't care as much for microwave popcorn, nor hot-air.

    All I eat is the microwave kind. Maybe that is it.

  • Tayda couldn't care less about popcorn. Lenny takes a piece, breaks it into pieces, spitting each piece out, and then leaves it. But every time I give him a piece he always does this… I'd figure eventually he'd leave it, but nope.

  • Depends on the mood. Sometimes they like it, othertimes they lick it and spit it out…over and over...they keep begging, even when they don't like it!

    Anne in Tampa

  • I'll have to try it out with She-Ra. Her big weakness is pepperoni…we make our own pizzas and boy do I get the "Hey, be a buddy!" eyes when I'm putting down the pepperonis! 🙂

  • I haven't tried popcorn with Tyler and Zoey, but someone here had suggested rice cakes for a low cal treat. So I got the plain, low salt kind. To me, these taste a little like popcorn and have a similar texture. Tyler loves them–Zoey isn't sure, but she will eat them because Tyler tries to take hers when he's done with his. I only give them a small chunk at a time--not the whole cake.

  • Lexi HATES popcorn…! She'll beg for it... but when I give it to her- she just breaks it into pieces and then shakes her head and spits it out... you can almost hear her saying, "peu! that was nasty!" Sometimes she'll lick the air and shake her head while closing her eyes... it's really funny. But she NEVER eats it. Just makes a big mess.

  • Diego is a fan of popcorn, everytime i pop a bag he waits for his piece or two to be tossed his way.. i eat kettle korn tho, so maybe thats why he likes it, im pretty sure hes had regular too..

  • Magnum does the same thing as Lenny and Lexi. Wants some but just breaks it into pieces and spits it out. Every time we have some. I tell him it tastes just the same, but he won't take my word for it! 😃

    Mags isn't much for any kind of salty treat, although he will eat a Cheeto now and then (mmmmmmm, cheeeeeeese…sorta). :p

  • Tucker is a big fan. And he likes the mocrowave kind. Especially the 'movie theatre butter' type that is super bad for you. 🙂 He only gets a few pieces, though.

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