• Hi!

    I have a Basenji mix that we found at Taco Bell. She's adorable and the best dog I've ever had.
    Her name is Quesadilla and this is what she looks like

    That's her on the right obviously. On the left is our very old Beagle Samson

    More pics:

    Mom, there's fish in here!!

    (The date on my camera is SO wrong)

    We call her Quesa for short. She does bark but makes Roo noises and other weird noises more. She's way to smart for her own good 😃 And she hogs the bed :p

    Thanks and I am looking forward to looking at all the pics on here.

    Oh, we think she's mixed with a fox terrier or a jack russell maybe?

  • I would say that she is more toy fox terrier and Chihuahua with maybe a little jack russell thown in then Basenji, but she is very cute

  • Rat terrier x chihuahua is my guess….very cute! And LOVE the name, along with the fact you found her at Taco Bell

  • I love the picture of her eying the aquarium! She looks like she's saying: I wasn't going to do anything. Honest! I'm just looking!


  • What a lucky little girl that you found her and gave her a loving home…welcome to the forum...

  • Aw – they are adorable! Love the name...and welcome!

  • Welcome to the forum!! Quesa is a cutie and it sounds like she has the basenji personality!!

  • Hi I am new here as well and also live in Florida. Here is my new 5 month old pup Dakota. Your 2 dogs are adorable.


  • ALL the dogs are adorable. Welcome.

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