Directions to medfly from burbank, california

hey guys,
I need directions to the medfly basenji rescue in acton, ca. The address on the website is a p.o. box address…

Basenji Rescue
P.O. Box 93
Acton, CA 93510

and I've never been in that area before. So if someone could get me the actual address, or confirm that address, that'd be great thanks!

also, do they accept visits on the weekend? I was in contact with Karen about coming by this weekend and havn't heard back from her yet. She said she was going to schedule me in for saturday.


They don't post the location on their web site. Karen usually sends it to you via email once she schedules a visit. You might want to call again–and send an email. And yes--Saturdays are fine. I believe any day of the week is ok because they are there working literally every day.

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