• Yesterday during our morning cuddles, I noticed that Cooper's front left foot pad had a chunk of skin peeling off from the inside edge. It looks like a peeling callous.

    It's not an open wound, and he's not favoring it. Our vet is closed today, but we have an appointment for Saturday.

    Cooper has had fairly rough foot pads since we got him a year ago, and I attributed it to him being a stray before. They have gotten a little better over time.

    Anyone else experienced this? Could it just be old rough skin coming off? Would paw wax prevent this from happening in the future?

  • I actually noticed something like this on Lenny a few weeks ago and thought he may have done something at the dog park like stepped on a sharp twig or something while running around. He didn't seem to notice it at all, and it just went away on its own

  • I worked for a vet years ago. Pads can be hard to get them to heal but if it's not bleeding or bothering him i wouldn't be too worried. I'd just make sure to keep it clean, not to let anything get stuck in it, until your appt. Good luck

  • You an also try putting some ointment on their paws to help heal & avoid any further scrapes. I use Mushers Secret..it's good all year around.

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