Crumb in Virginia

Can you tell we love our little boy? We have 3 dogs and he is our first Basenji and not our last! Here are lots of pics of Crumb.


He's adorable! That christmas one could be rudolph if he had a pink nose!

Hello, I am about an hrs. drive from Chesapeake, VA. What part of VA do you live? Your Crumb is soooooo cute, he poses really well in his striped shirt. Yea, Bs are special as well as all your other critters I am sure. Anyways, have fun here and welcome!

I am in Ladysmith VA which is about 30 minutes from Richmond

Welcome to the forum, Crumb and family are adorable!

I love the preppy first picture, I never saw a basenji dressed like that. LOL

Hello and welcome. Crumb is adoreable!!

He is adorable!

Very cute boy, and a sweetheart for getting all dressed up like that! Mine are all nudists and won't allow any clothing other than collars, even when it's cold!

Anne in Tampa

I love that first picture. he looks like a disco dancer!

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