• Hi All,
    My 5 year old boy has been throwing up around midnight the last 2 nights. He's doesn't want to eat this morning, and looks pretty tired. It's 7-8 hours after he eats I think. I took him to the vet at 2:00 AM last night because I was worried. Vet can't really find anything…temp is OK, belly is not tender, etc. He gave him a shot to help his lower GI tract, and gave me come pills to help settle his stomach. He's had this about 48 hrs now. Kinda worried because he's never refused to eat before. At least he's drinking water.
    Any ideas????-Thanks,Tim😕

  • Did he do an x-ray to see if there's anything in there causing a blockage or other problem?
    Or run any bloodwork?

  • That will be next, if he doesn't improve today…

  • Is he throwing up undigested food, or bile?

  • Mostly yellow. Looks like the food is pretty digested. Can't figure out why he gets sick hours later…..?!

  • Typically called "empty tummy"… what time do you feed him in the evening? Have you tried giving him something like a cookie just before bed? The bile (yellow).. is usually a sign that the tummy is empty and "looking" for food... sort of like a sour tummy

  • I always feed them at around 5:30-6:00…never been a problem...

  • I have a student in my rally classes whose Havanese does this for about 1-2 weeks every summer. She is fine all the rest of the year and her schedule is not changed but for whatever reason, something about that time of year makes her throw up bile.

  • I have found empty tummy to be in direct relation to too much energy expended, not enough fuel in the system. If my bitch that is particularly prone to this has a very active day, lots of running etc. she will definitely vomit bile about 7-8 hours after her breakfast; and sometimes overnight if breakfast comes late. But if I give her a sizeable snack a few 6-7 hours after her meal she won't vomit. This is a bitch that is not easy to keep weight on, and is very, VERY busy….my other bitches that are less difficult to keep weight on, and more..well, calm...don't do this.

  • My male does this every few weeks too, I have yet to find out the actual reason, but maybe I'll try feeding him more often. I have been feeding him only in the mornings, with treats throughout the day. He only throws up in the morning before breakfast if I am lazy about getting out of bed by 7.

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