• Since I got Nicole she hasn't been very interested in eating or drinking, in fact she's only been eating less for every day. Last night she threw up a little bile, and now she did it again tonight. I'm feeding her ~0.6dl dry food at 6am, 4pm and 10pm (hope I didn't get the pm's and am's confused). The throwing up has been happening around 2am-4am. She's getting the same food that the breeder gave, which is Royal Canine Mini Junior. She also smells somewhat and I've looked into her ears trying to see if there's something there, but it was clean, so I assume it's coming from her mouth.

    Should I go see a vet?

  • When did you get Nicole? Did you get her from a breeder? Have you called that breeder about this? Have you had her into the vet for a check up? Maybe the food is bad? Do you just feed dry only? Try switching her to another brand of food, slowly. Try some wet food with it. The reasons for throwing up could be a numerous.

  • I only got her a week ago. I got her from a very responsible breeder. No, but I will today. She hasn't been to a vet yet (since I've only had her for 1 week). The food is supposed to be high quality, and is the same food a lot of Finnish Basenji owners feed their dogs. I've been feeding dry only.

  • I would take her in to see the vet just because things can snowball quickly with pups.

    Does she wake up in the middle of the night to potty? L'Ox is 9 weeks old and is still waking up around 2 am to pee, so he gets a snack then before being put back to bed. It is only a few kibbles but it keeps him from having an empty tummy.

    The lack of interest in food could be because of the change to your home but it could also mean she picked up a bug. Again, I would just visit the vet to make sure everything is good.

  • I am curious to hear an update on your puppy. There are many possibilities when a puppy is not eating and vomiting.
    Since it is the food the breeder was using, assuming the puppies were weaned correctly, the chance of it being her food is slim although I may be wrong. That is why I am interested.

  • Have you 'basenji proofed' you home really well? I'm not a b owner yet, but from what I have read and heard on this forum, they can get into things very easily. Hope all works out.

  • Have just noticed this thread is quite old now, so how is Nicole doing?
    Our 10 week old Pup is on Royal Canin mini junior too but the breeder told us not to feed it dry, so we soak it with a little hot water, she also has some Pedegree tinned food with it.
    Our feeding schedule is quite different to yours. Malaika has cereal and puppy milk at 8.00 am, then biscuits and meat at 12.00, the same at 6.00pm and then a drink of puppy milk at 10.00 pm. We are fortunate that she loves her food.
    I do hope Nicole is doing better now.

  • Thanks for the concern, she is doing better. I ended up not going to the vet at all after realizing that it was a reaction to treats I'd given her (extremely high quality stuff, but still). It looks like she's very sensitive to new food so I nowadays I just treat her with the same dryfood that she gets during the meals. She can still throw up if she eats too fast though, so I try to control that as good as I can.

    She's up for a vet visit in a week anyways so might as well tell them about what's been going on and see what they think, but Nicole is enjoying her food and doing fine now so I really doubt it was anything to be worried about.

  • Thanks for the update, i'm glad Nicole is doing well.

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