Babà …from Italy

Babà …from Italy

…I should have posted these pics before...this is my basenji at 10 weeks old...her name is Babà .....a "Babà" is a sweet rhum cake tipically made in the city of Naples and this is where we got her she lives in the south of Italy at Brindisi....

OMG those pictures are absolutley adorable and beautiful scenery. She is a stunning little girl and she is very happy looking. I love the last two the most, especially the one on the boat, I enjoy sailing, have she gone out on the boat yet? And her little harness is VERY cute, I'm guessing you got it there in Italy.

Welcome!! Your Baba is a beauty 😃

Hello and welcome. I too really enjoyed your pictures. I love the boat photo!! Does your basenji like water? Thanks for sharing the pics!

She is gorgeous! Enjoy the time when she is little..they grow up much to fast. 🙂
By the way… i love Italy. We sometimes visite there to go on the race track with our bikes.

Adorable puppy and lovely photography. I love the harness. I've never seen one quite like that.

Such a cute puppy. I too love the harness and would be interested in getting one myself.

She is sooo pretty! She looks as sweet as a baba!! 🙂

Soooo cute! I, too, love the harness!

I agree about the harness, especially since it looks like it doesn't restrict the movement of the front legs and shoulders like the ones many use in the US…

Gorgeous pup and pictures!

BDawg??? I'm guessing you'll have to have two of those harnesses for your "kids"…;) 😉 😃 😃 They would look very sporty in red!

Plus, I bet the kennel could actually figure out how to put this one on the dog.

n. 4 videos of Babà on youtube..this is her one week ago…:p

…Babà socializzing with a pitbull...:eek:

:rolleyes: …Bye Bye!!

aww cute!!!!

Sooooooo lovely… !!! GREAT looking doggie. 😉

She is absolutely gorgeous! Love the racing harness as well. Me want! 😃 😃

Ohhhhhh …. so cute!

Basenji Mix

Baba' is studding! Congratulations and best wishes to you all! Beautiful photos.

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