Tayda is sooooo low energy….. problem?

  • My red and white female, Tayda, is 4 years old, and she is soooooo lazy. When Lenny (1 year old brindle male) is around, they do play some, it seems more like dominance challenging to me, but mostly Tayda likes to just sleep in her crate. Lenny is off lure coursing this weekend and Tayda has done NOTHING but sleep. I take her out for walks and doesn't seem ill or anything, but when we're home, she's just completely low energy. I left the crate door open this morning when I left and when I came home, she was still sitting in the crate. She didn't even get up to see who was here! Now, I know this isn't "normal" B behavior, but should I be worried?

  • Have you had her thyroid tested? Lethargy is one symptom.

  • Could be that she is coming into heat…

    Also, if your weather was like ours today (really rainy), our dogs slept all day. I had to drag a couple of them out of their crates in the morning.

  • this might be a dumb question, but does she still go into heat if she is spayed?

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    this might be a dumb question, but does she still go into heat if she is spayed?

    oh…no....oops, I thought she was still intact for some reason. No, she shouldn't show any signs indicative of estrous

  • i also wonder if it has something to do with me having been gone for a few weeks. The breeder took them while i was gone, and I swear, when I got back which was last weekend, Tayda ignored me for a few days. Like she was mad at me for leaving her. The breeder has 6 dogs of her own right now, so with my 2, there were 8. Lenny loved it… he was with his mom and dad and littermates again, and he is just a lot more playful as it is. Tayda would frequently escape from the pack and go sit in the crate by herself. I think she likes the peace and quiet.

    Has anyone else seen behavior changes after being separated from their B's for a while?

  • Mine are just usually REALLY, really tired when they get back from being away. Like they will sleep soundly all day long for a couple days.

  • I have 2 b's and one of them (the bitch) will sulk if I have gone a away on holiday and left her. Kwame doesn't hold it against me at all though. She is maybe just feeling a bit tired after being with so many dogs.

  • My 2 definitely slept a lot when I left them at the boarders. And Topaz is just generally a lower energy dog.."comparatively" speaking that is 🙂

    But YOU know your dog best. If she's not herself then just take her in to the vet for some tests just for precaution. It would give everyone peace of mind. I sure hope it's nothing. Good luck to you both.

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