Hello from Russia

(please, forgive to me my English)

My name Julia and I live in Russia. I have 4 basenji: red-white male named Villi (8,5 years), red-white female named Liza (7,5 years), brindle-white male named Pokemon (4,5 years), black-white female named Gabi (2,5 years). It will be pleasant to me to get acquainted with fans of this remarkable, fine breed basenji.

Greeting from Poland:)

WELCOME!!! We are an international family here 😃

Hello and welcome! You must be busy with all of those pups!!! This is a fun place to share, learn and have fun!

Hello. Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pics of your basenjis!

Hello and welcome!!!

Welcome! And have a great time here!

Welcome from France 🙂


WELCOME!!! We are an international family here 😃

We all have one thing in common though–We're crazy.


just like our dogs!:)

Yep, we sure are:eek: 😉 :rolleyes: 😃

I can't wait to see photos of your babies, too!!!

All many thanks for warm reception at a forum!!!!
Here a photo my favourite basenji:



Liza, Gabi

Gabi, Liza, Pokemon

Your furbabies are just beautiful, they are my favorite 2 colors of Basenjis. They seem to love the sun just like all our Basenjis, natural sun worshippers.

Beautiful! Welcome from the California Bay Area!

Beautiful fur babies… !!!! welcome to forums !!!!

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