• **I Thought we could all share some pictures or videos of our basenji's and their FAVorite toys…

    Jack+Rope=PURE HAPPINESS!!!:p

    Here's a movement picture, He LOVES to shake it ALL around...(kinda looks evil in this one)**

  • One of ours really loved these little police cars that had the electric siren inside. He kept tearing them up and we would buy more. One day we could not find them anywhere and the pet store said they were discontinued, so my wife ordered 10 from the internet. Luckily he has scaled back on tearing them up as he has gotten older so we still have 6 or so left.

  • Great action picture. Love his expression and his white is so bright!

    Cat toys

    Not my picture-

    Mine with his cat toy-

    Our tri had this Jim Carry talking Grinch plush that he loved, he would bite him in the crotch and you would hear Jim Carry Grinch sayings!

  • Great Pics, LOL!! I like the motion one like Jacks, good camera skills!

  • Tigger, the same one that loves the police car, also loves mini tennis balls.

    It took a few shots to get the timing right on this one. 🙂

  • great looking animal, nice shot!

  • wow great pic with the tennis ball wow!

  • **HERE is another picture of Jack and HIS rope…

    AND a Funny one of Jack and my Hubby Playing Tug-o-War (rope is clean i promise)

    And then yet ANOTHER Jack and his rope picture…he's saying "YEA?! This is MINE!!"

    And LASTLY, here is where Jack puts his rope when he is done playing with it, LOL its funny he sets it on his back EVERY time…odd huh?**

  • holy cow, he is the cutest basenji is the world! oh those eyes!

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