• Your name: Diana McCarty & John Siverson
    Your city, state:Buffalo & Minneapolis MN
    Your phone number: 763-682-4699
    Basenji(s) For Sale:2 R&W females (one with special needs)
    Age of Basenji(s): 7 months old
    Registration if any AKC registered.
    Price: $650 for one and the girl with special needs - lets talk)
    Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: anytime
    Do you ship your Basenjis:not typically

    These pups had a tough start. Mom had an emergency C-section and 2 of the 5 puppies were small very small - we lost one of the little girls the first night. Sofia the other mite - survivied only because of the exceptional care that John was able to provide for her. She is essentially blind although most are suprised to know that. To make it even more interesting - she came into season early and has been spayed. She is confident and eager to take on any challenge that comes her way.

    Copper - Is a show prospect although she would prefer to be the center of attention and on your lap. She has been in some shows and gee wiz - I wonder if training would help? LOL

    Both their 8 week puppy pics are posted in the puppy picture section of the Forum. This was an 'unplanned' litter however the parents have a long history of excellent health with NO history of fanconi, meticulus eye tests, and excellent to good hips. Mom is a CH and dad needs a bit more body and a last Major to finish. You are welcome to call me at the number listed above but your odds are better if you Private Message me.dmcarty100@msn.com

  • Oh, they are adorable. I do hope they find their forever homes soon!

  • hey Dianne, have you looked into posting on The Basenji web site? Lisa set up a place for breeders…..

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