• Pumpkin was a real cutie, a $3 dollar purchase from the humane society many years ago who was my introduction to basenjis, which I had never heard of before. She was a daddy's girl and I have pictures of her upside down in my husband's arms being carried like a baby. She was the baby till the real ones came along five years later. She never needed a leash unlike my current one, although one time she tried to attack a motorcycle and learned a painful lesson. We used to walk her in the cemetery near our house and she was a squirrel chasing fiend, following them right up the tree trunk till she realized that she couldn't make it and would hang there waiting to be rescued. She liked the first baby but felt two babies were one too many, so we reluctantly sent her from Chattanooga, Tennessee where we were living at the time, to Birmingham to live with my mother. She went out in the yard early one morning and just never came back. We never found her. I like to think that someone took her in and she managed to live a long happy life but I don't know what happened to Pumpkin.

  • I'm sorry to hear about Pumpkin. Perhaps her purpose was to introduce you to the breed you were meant to own throughout your lifetime. After having my first B I would love to have another.

  • Don't we have the most wonderful dogs in the whole world?

  • I must say YES!!! We do have the most wonderful and entertaining dogs in the world! I feel really lucky to have adopted my out of a shelter, though her adoption came a month after losing our precious poodle mix girl. The shelter had her listed simply as a whippet mix, but she is basenji through and through. Her B500 the very minute I brought her home was definately a new experience for me. I LOVE IT!

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