• :p I had the day off yesterday, YAY!! After a day of frustrating finances, I decided my day off treat would be to take the boys to the wet park!. Tampa has a small island that is called Davis Island close to the downtown area. It is about a 30 minute drive from where I live, so that dog park is only for special occasions.

    Plus, they get super wet and sandy. It was around 98 degrees, blazing sun and dark shade under the palm trees. This leash free dog park has a fence that goes down into the ocean. It is on the edge of a small airport and was beautiful before the hurricane a few years back.

    The park is long and skinny. Grass along the top, then the middle is rocky and has some sea grass and then the beach is along the bottom, and then a shallow area that drops off to super deep water. This area is where big barges travel and it is really neat to see the industrial sites across the water.

    The other side is full of sail boats.

    This was Cairo (6months) 's first introduction to the ocean. He ran from it. And then he began to run the beach line back and forth. Dont let the waves touch me!! Ooh I dont like it, looks weird mom!!

    I am standing in the water up to my knees in flip flops. Caesar (6yrs) trots right in like a big man. Showing Cairo the ropes, but refuses to let the water touch his belly (very anti water, but it was soooooo hot).

    Cairo is watching the black labs swim out SO FAR to retrieve the tennis balls. He all of a sudden ( because that is his thing, to mimick and go all out), tries to run to me! Jump 1, jump 2, jump 3! Up to his little neck in the water. MOM< what do I do!!!! I walk around him calling him to the beach and he dog paddles back to the beach! OH MAN, what was that! And Caesar licks the water off of his eyes.

    Running, running, running, chasing the crows and cranes. Rolling in the sand, digging holes,sitting in the shade soaking in the view with mom. Guarding mom as they meet other dogs.

    The aftermath. Fun for 3 hours means MOM GETS A REST!!

    They slowly fall into a deep coma….

    I couldnt ask for a better way to spend the day off!

  • Thanks for sharing your day off with us Mantis, looks like you and the kids all had fun.:) 🆒 🆒

  • Sounds like you enjoyed watching and interpreting your boys as much as they had fun exploring. I also enjoyed the story. Very nice pics - glad you shared.

  • Looks like you guys had a great day, nothing is better than relaxing, having fun and then napping all together. Love how your furbabies are cuddling with Mom, don't you just love them!!!!!

  • I have been really working hard at keeping them at a level of exhaustion! Cairo is really a wild child without exercise. They were both zonked out on the couch all last night as well…..HA HA HA

    MOM 2 pts.....Basenjis None!!:D

  • Looks like a great day for all. Love the cuddling pictures. They are the best snugglers!

  • Oh my gosh sounds like a FANTASTIC time 😃 😃 C3PO & TOPAZ are tugging at my sleeves asking what's the beach..can we go! can we go! LOL 😃 😃

    Cairo & Ceasar are so lucky to have you take them to such fun places. I take it they can both swim too huh?!

  • Oh, look! Everyone's sleepy after their big day-so cute!

  • they both have a tendancy to rush out into the water, following the labs until they are up to their neck in water. once they realize their feet arent touching, they panic, try to run which is their paddle back to shore…..

  • What a great time you and your basenjis had. A much needed and much deserved break!! Thanks for sharing your photos.

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