• Some people on here will disagree with me, but IMHO, yes some do. My first Basenji peed on my bed on a memorable night when I was out far too late and snuck in very quietly (I was still living with my parents), only to discover my bed was wet! My girl had been out before my parents went to bed, it was not the only time I came home after they had retired, my girl was used to the routine, but I think she was unhappy I was so late. Never happened before, never happened after.

    Years later, my second Basenji bitch settled an argument my husband and I were having by leaping onto our bed and peeing right in front of us! Stopped the argument in its tracks, which I think was her intention. Again, never did it before, never did it after. So yes, I think some do. Think cat in dog disguise. (no question cats do this, ask any cat owner!)

  • I disagree, they mark to claim... not to spite... could be considered one in the same... however. Of course the way to stop that is close the doors.. LOL...

  • @eeeefarm and @tanza So, I’m gonna agree and disagree with both of you. You’re both right. Look we can’t talk to our Basenjis so we don’t really know what they’re thinking. Psychology and all that rot. Pissed off… claiming territory… yeah. Both make sense. Basenjis are emotional creatures. One of the things I love about them. Regardless… sounds like Basenji behavior to me. Embrace the journey! ✌🤪👍

  • Basenjis will always seek to punish you when they deem your behaviour to be unacceptable !
    Yes of course he pee-d deliberately to let you know his disapproval at being told no !

    That is why I use the newspaper gambit. If they tear a newspaper I scream and shout and burst into tears. So if mine have ever felt I needed to be punished, they have found a newspaper and shredded it. Other people use a 'cushions on the floor' spiel. 'WHO threw the cushions on the floor ? BAD dogs, NAUGHTY dogs !'

    Throwing cushions on the floor or shredding newspapers are hardly cardinal sins - but doing either gives the Basenji the satisfaction of thinking he/she made you mad !!

  • @Zande, my boy Sunny had separation anxiety and hated us leaving him home alone. After a few incidents with important stuff getting destroyed, we came to a compromise. He would locate and rip up a flyer or other paper, and I would verbally chastise him when I returned home. It worked for both of us, as your shredded newspapers worked for you. As long as I expressed my displeasure he had no reason to escalate. I found out by accident that he did his ripping as soon as we left, because one time I returned to the house for something I forgot, and looking in the window saw him "choosing" quite deliberately the item he would rip. Basenjis make life "interesting"!

  • @eeeefarm my husband seems to think that dogs are not vengeful so I am very glad to hear your experience with these little devils!

    They sure do make our lives interesting 🤪

  • @zande i was definitely punished!! I know he knows I don’t like my rug being ruined so he will make sure he does what he can on the rug!!

  • @jengosmonkey haha definitely will! I feel like I am living with an annoying roommate rather than a loving companion 😂

  • @tanza

    That is quite interesting and I guess he did want to let me know the rug was his 😂, and not mine!

  • @basenjinewb
    My previous Basenji Kembe use to find something that belonged to you when she was mad. She would then SHAKE IT VIOLENTLY in front of you to let you know she wasn’t happy. She could be a spiteful b@#$%! But we loved ♥️her.

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