• I'd like to find out if anyone here has experience with delvosteron to prevent (delay?) estrus. Almost everything I read online is based in the UK or outside the US so curious to know if this drug is allowed in the US (I will call around this week).

    My concern is that I am planning a longish backpacking trip with my B. She's doing great on the trail hiking with me, so far. The last thing I would want is for her to go into heat during a backpacking trip (in September) and attracting coyotes - or even dogs - which are all around this area. That would endanger her and me. Then there is the potential for behavior changes that could also create problems. We will mostly be far from any town as is typical of backpacking.

    Also would like to know if there are any other drug options?

  • unknown about the drugs, but... bells on your pups collar/harness will scare off wildlife.

  • but if she's dripping "I'm ready to breed" no amount of noise will scare off a horny coyote. 😫 And people, weirdly, breed coyote/dog combo so they will definitely do the deed. Just not sure if a coyote would eat my girl after the fact ...

  • Not a good idea to do. And there can be issues with this injections.... I would not do it... period... If you really want to hike and not have her go into season, either stay home or have her spayed before, like now...

  • @elbrant - Not happening Elbrant.... if in season... will NOT scare anything... period.

  • @tanza Can you tell me what the issues are with this drug?

    As far as spay, the most I'm willing to do, at this point, is ovary removal. Had bad luck with my previous dog spay - leaking urine. And my neighbor's dog just died on the table with spay. I realize these are low probability events but when they are close to you they have an irrational impact. Ovary removal is not a USA "thing" so would like to find a vet who will do this, if necessary.

  • @tanza I was speaking "in general"... not specifically while "in season". There's a reason they call it a "bear bell".

  • @beth314 - It can cause issues.... read about it on line.... not my choice... and I have never had issues with spay. Don't know about Ovary removal... either they are in tact, or spayed. Why would you just not spay? And unless spayed at an very young age there really should not be an issue with spay... that said... go to a responsible Vet for the spay... there has been issues with early spay or with Vets with Spay clinics.

  • No. I most certainly would not even contemplate using this sort of medication on one so young, and I strongly advise against spaying her too. You shouldn't interfere with her at all until she has matured eenough to have established her own cycle. And best not to even then.

    If you absolutely have to go trekking in September, leave her with your husband.

    You hope, I am sure, to have this little Basenji girl with you for 12, even 15 years. So don't spoil your chances this early on by trying to alter what is natural to her.

  • I've never heard of Delvosteron before now. I gotta admit that it's a bit cringy to me, but again... I know almost nothing about it. A cursory search turned up a few side effects that might be worth considering. I found them on this site. Delvosteron Injection Intervet

    Contraindications / Side effects:

    Delvosteron ia not recommended in juvenile bitches to suppress or postpone their first oestrus cycle. In diabetic patients it may lead to an increase in insulin requirement.

    Transient pain immediately after injection, and sometimes discolouration and loss of hair at the injection site can be seen. Only in rare cases atrophy of underlying tissue and the skin has been observed. Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia Complex may be seen as a side effect of the medication like with all other progestagens.

    Lethargy, weight gain and a transient increased appetite may be seen in some animals. But these side effects occur less frequently than with the first generation progestagens.

    In case of occasional local or systemic allergic or anaphylactic reactions immediate treatment with an appropriate corticosteroid, antihistamine or adrenaline can be done.

    Mammary hyperplasia has been recorded in a few cases in cats. If false pregnancy is noticed following administration of Delvosteron, avoid further hormone administration and treat conservatively.


    Dogs and cats may remain fertile for as long as 1 week when treated in pro-oestrus in spite of the disappearance of oestrus signs. In some large breeds of dogs like Great Danes efficacy can be lower.

  • @JENGOSMonkey in other words don't do it. You have spelled it out, the rest of us just warned against doing it. Very helpful. Thanks

  • @jengosmonkey good info, thanks.

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