• Hello All!

    It looks like I will be able to stay in Edinburgh this summer, which is excellent because that is what I really wanted. However the work I'll be doing for school this summer will require me to be away for most day hours during August. I have arranged for Lycia to be in daycare throughout the period, but they don't take unspayed bitches in heat in the group. I called my local vet who told me about about getting an injection for her which would suppress her heat. This would be ideal but I wanted to see if anyone on the board had any experience with this procedure. I have made an appointment for a consultation with the prestigious Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies for further information.

  • Lauren, they removed Check drops, the most used heat delaying hormones here in the USA, a few years ago. I don't really know why. You all can get Delvosteron Injections, but it isn't available through the USA branch of Intervet. 😞 It looks safe. Is that the one they will use? Even Ovaban was removed from market.

    Will they let her go with the shot or will you have to say she is spayed to do it?

    I know many who used the Check drops to suppress heats, myself included. My Rottie bitch cycled every 4 mos and the repro vet thought giving her ovaries a rest would help since 2 breedings didn't take. (It must have, had a litter of 8 after she came off it!)

  • I wasn't given the name of the injection, but I doubt there could be many right ? Anyway, I talked to my local dog shop owner, and they said their friend's dog did excellent on it..The dog walkers will let her in the group as long as she isn't in heat.

    I suppose it depends on the dog, much like us. It's good to know they have been used. I haven't heard of Check drops here, but I will ask about them.

  • You may want to join the yahoo group Basenji Breeder Roundtable and ask your question there. There may be more collective experience there with this sort of question.

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