• @beth314 - Expressing the anal glands can be discussed with your Vet

  • @beth314 - Sweet potatoes is the accepted addition as opposed to white potatoes and with no skins. I give mine Sweet potatoes, along with many other veggies... both steamed and raw...

  • @tanza said in Terrible Odor:

    with no skins

    Why no skins? A lot of the nutrients are actually in the skins... just curious.

  • @beth314 said in Terrible Odor:

    lots of problems with no grain diets according to 2 vets I went to early on.

    Mine have been on grain free kibble for years. Nary a single problem. Had to because of Hoover's internal problems and it was easier to feed everyone the same diet. Fixing separate menus for the pack was too much hard work !

    I have no idea what your vets are talking about - but would be interested to know. NOT, I hasten to add, that I will abide by their advice !

  • @zande - It is claimed that grain free causes Heart issues. That said, I have used grain free for many years with no issues. Lots of information about this

    The FDA has alerted pet owners that there may be a link between grain-free diets and a diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), says Emily Wilson, DVM, a veterinarian with Fuzzy, a pet
    telehealth company.

  • @tanza To add to your post, it appears to be a taurine deficiency that may affect some dogs. U.C. Davis took a hard look at it, and concluded that there appears to be a "combination of dietary, metabolic, and genetic factors" involved. So you might never see a problem, where someone else with a dog with different genetics and environment might well run into trouble.

    My own personal feeling is that our foods, and indeed our environment have changed quite a bit, between use of GMOs and various modern farming methods, pesticides, etc. which makes me wonder about all the various allergies that both pets and humans seem to be prone to these days, as well as cancers that used to be quite rare. Once upon a time you could feed the cheapest food out there and still dogs lived to a "ripe old age", like my girlfriend's two farm dogs that survived to late teenage years despite eating table scraps and bottom of the barrel kibble. These days getting 15 years out of a German Shepherd is unusual. Hers was 16, and her mutt close to 18 when they died. Anecdotal evidence for sure, but makes me wonder....

  • @zande The vets are only citing recent scientific research about heart problems and grain-free diets. Not every cigarette smoker will die of lung cancer; most won't ??? Not every dog fed grain-free diets will have problems. We're all doing the best we can given current research; grain-free diets could be considered a fad diet when it was applied to all dogs; not just for dogs with specific issues. Obviously we feed what we want to ourselves and our pets. Opinions run high; anecdotes are not science.


  • @tanza This study they based it on has been debunked pretty thoroughly as to how valid it is. Furthermore, serious questions have been raised about the study---including using a breed prone to taurine deficiency.

    From the FDA::
    The agency outlined the multiple potential factors that can, alone or in combination, contribute to dogs developing this rare and scientifically complex disease. The agency concluded that there is nothing inherently unsafe about a grain-free diet.

    Dr. Steven Solomon, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, acknowledged that the “complex scientific messaging” on DCM and diet has contributed to misinterpretation about the safety of a grain-free diet. Dr. Solomon encouraged dog owners to select the diet that works best for their pet’s nutritional needs and previewed more multidisciplinary, scientific collaboration between the industry, veterinarians, scientists and other researchers that will further the understanding of DCM."

    (Sorry I lost the link to this:
    "Here’s what we know so far about this report:

    Per the FDA report, “the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that there are 77 million pet dogs in the United States. As of April 30, 2019, the FDA has received reports about 560 dogs diagnosed with DCM suspected to be linked to diet. Tens of millions of dogs have been eating dog food without developing DCM.”

    That’s 560 dogs out of 72 million. Approximately one in four dogs will get cancer every year and nearly half of all dogs over ten will die from it. Now, that’s something to be concerned about, in comparison to the 0.000007% chance of DCM. "




    BUT there are studies indicating grain free may be a factor, especially in breeds with taurine deficiency issues


  • @debradownsouth - There are many studies to grain free, I have fed grain free for many, many years with no issues and have no considerations to change...that said I do mix up my Basenjis kibble with grain free and Natural Balance limited that doesn't have pees/etc....but then I change up their food source every couple of weeks.... I was just putting that out there for Zande to look at. I am not saying right or wrong, only what I do...

  • But then this post was about what would relate to issues with the anal glands, IMO.... and Vet visit is needed...Don't know what Trish is feeding, but still needs to be checked out.

  • @tanza I wrote a response yesterday and it's gone, lost in the "idiot failed to send it" drawer.

    I totally agree the dog needs a vet now! My concern is that too many vets then doom the dog to weekly/monthly etc. expressing without discussing diet and how it can help avoid the manual expressing.

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