• Hiya!

    Ideally looking for a male between 1 - 6yrs old to be a companion to Loki, who is 6.

    Loki likes hiking, going for walks, watching squirrels, playing with his friends, but would love a sibling to plan world domination with.

    I’ve already contacted MedFly rescue, but not heard anything back yet.


  • Medfly has retired from rescue. I would suggest that you try contacting breeders in the area, many times they might be looking to place show pups that they are not going to use in their breeding programs and just wanting great home. You can search for them at www.basenji.org and search by state. You can also try Basenji rescue at www.basenjirescue.org

  • Thanks for the info Tanya.

    I’ll keep checking shelters etc.

  • @troia - Just a note that typically you will not find Basenjis in shelters. You should contact breeders and see if they are looking to place any of their adults.

  • Oh I know, sadly I’ve had better communication recently with shelters than breeders and ‘rescue groups’.

  • When I started looking for a new pup last summer, it was a little frustrating. Like you, I found that shelters never had any, and I was always either early or late to the rescue table. Some breeders never responded.

    Nevertheless, I kept looking and asking for referrals. Two of the referrals I received would have required me to travel out of state to go get a doggie. I was ok with that. Also learned that while most of us here are rabidly passionate about Basenjis, they’re still not a very popular breed. That means fewer breeders than popular ones. Couple that with one season/year compared to 2 or 3/year for other breeds and the number of available pups drops even more. I never knew that.

    The breeders that did contact me were fantastic. Generous with time and information.

    Keep looking, be flexible (age, sex, color) and you’ll find one. In the mean time Basenji proof your home, take pictures of your very secure yard, line up a veterinary and friend referrals to share with potential breeders. A good breeder will vet you very thoroughly before they’ll let a nose go. Stay positive! It will happen.👍

  • @jengosmonkey thanks Jengo!

  • @troia I would suggest that you call rather than email.... I think that you might find them easier to speak with directly... not everyone is great at responding to email, especially this year when there are so many inquiries... hard to keep up with. I do try and respond to each one, but I am sure I have missed some. You might want to try and contact (if you have not) Denise Searcy in So. Cal.. If you email me privately I will give you her contact information. You can message me on the Forum or go to my website (link below) for my email since we can't list it in messages.

  • The only purebred available through Karen at Medfly right now is a tri female. Karen has retired from active rescue. The website has not been updated in a few years and the linked email address no longer works. While she isn't taking in any more Basenjis, Karen is willing to help facilitate finding homes for those in need. You can contact Karen directly via email at [private email removed, sent via chat]

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