Where/How To Get a Basenji Hunting Bell?

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Basenjis wearing bells in Africa, e.g. this page

Thank you for sharing that! I especially enjoyed the video at the bottom of the page.

Naomi is GORGEOUS! Une petite jeune fille 🐾❤

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Naomi is a beauty, to be sure. She is definitely dainty at 16 pounds. Those big old bells would wear her down! Maybe some little Christmas bells???? Ha Ha.

@brindlebasenji I agree, Naomi is really a beautiful Basenji. Love it that she has a throne. She deserves it. 😉

I think I have enough parts to start Logan' Bell. I've got the goiter (I had to look that term up) sized coconut, the nut thing, which I'll most likely use, some hemp cord that I'm going to braid, then braid again into more braids. I'll slice one of Logan's spent antlers into some strips to use at clangers or whatever they call them. Here's what I have...

0_1605485727956_20201115_160641 (2) (Medium).jpg

I may also use a soldering iron to burn his name on the front side of the bell using an African font. Something like this maybe...

alt text

That is so cool! I can’t wait to see the final product! Again.......when will you be taking orders? Lol

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...Again.......when will you be taking orders? Lol

I don’t know 😝 I gotta figure out how to make it first. I think the nut thing is actually a Western Buckeye. I cut the bottom out of one and it has this really dense foam like structure that’s tough to remove. Oh, and there was a bug living in it. He wasn’t too happy to see me. Not sure the outer shell will prove to be very durable or resonate very well. It would just be decorative. The coconut is just giant even though it’s small for a coconut. Might have to flip to Plan 9 and carve one from wood. I’m thinking of using oak since there’s a lot of that on the trail. I need to google woods that resonate sound.

don't waste your $$$. no bell, just keep your basenji in sight...

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