the parathyroid abnormality and ossification

  • My basenji: Male
    Age: 9 months

    Hi all,

    I'm from South Korea, and I am raising Basenji.
    He's one little toe was swelled, and I go to the hospital and took X-rays. But, the doctor said that all the toe has been broken due to the unknown cause..

    So, I decided to operate cut off the broken toe.

    But after the operation, he's gum was swollen. So go to the hospital again, and got X-rays.

    The doctor said that it's very rare case, and he suspected that my basenji got an ossification due to parathyroid abnormality.

    Is there anyone who experienced this?

    I hope that my friend lives long time.


  • @seungsoo-lee said in the parathyroid abnormality and ossification:

    I decided to operate cut off the broken toe.....
    ... rare case, and he suspected that my basenji got an ossification due to parathyroid abnormality.

    Your dogs doctor should have explained that swelling due to a broken bone Is relatively normal. I'm not sure why you thought cutting the toe off was the best thing to do, and it kind of sounds like you cut off your dogs broken toe at home. In my culture, we would have just taped it to the toe next to it until it healed.

    Then you noticed that the dog had swelling in his gums.... I am not a Veterinarian, but it sounds more like an infection than "ossification". If was my dog, I would want to try antibiotics to address the infection before I did anything else. Please let us know what happens.

  • I'm sorry he has to deal with this.

    Has your vet checked his ionized calcium level and PTH level? Has kidney function been checked? Depending on the parathyroid function and the cause, there are a couple of options to manage his condition. How well that can be done depends on how early it was caught.

    I have seen parathyroid function affected by other health conditions including chronic kidney disease or Fanconi Syndrome and nutritional (calcium) deficits, particularly when young.

  • @elbrant Hey.

    It's maybe my bad that you had misunderstanding.

    Before cutting off the toe, we also tried to bandage he's toe up a month. but, it seems that the broken toe occurred long ago, so it could not be healed itself!

    In addition, in my culture as well, we DO NOT cut off the toe at HOME.

    The surgical operation did in the animal hospital by due process.

    I have also paid a lot of money and time to my friend to cure his problem.

    And, currently, I am wating for the veterinarian's opinion who did the surgical operation. He told me that he will has a meeting with his colleages, and make a dicision what we can do.

  • @flbasenji

    Yes, the vet told me that we may need to take a biopsy.
    I'm waiting for his decision.

  • @seungsoo-lee oh! Thank you for getting back to me on that! I was, well, horrified. Please keep us in the loop on the outcome.

  • @seungsoo-lee Did they share results of ionized calcium and parathyroid hormone testing? Do they have equipment and specialists who can check the parathyroid with ultrasound?

  • @seungsoo-lee I hope you, your veterinarian and your friend solve his health puzzle. He is a very handsome young man with beautiful eyes. I worked for Samsung years ago and enjoyed it very much. I asked them to teach me one phrase in Korean: 시원한 맥주 한 잔주세요. My pronunciation is bad, but waitresses always knew what I was asking for. :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

  • @jengosmonkey
    Agree - his Basenji is a handsome boy with lots of character. Hope he solves his health issues.
    😂 LOL - “ give me a COLD 🍺 beer” - Universal language!

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