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There is a beautiful black and white basenji at Midlands humane society in council bluffs iowa, they list it as a mix but could fool me. Some one looking should check him out.

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Midlands humane society in council bluffs iowa

Must have gone quick, they don't show him online.

yep u r right he is gone he was a beauty! His tail was tighter then my izzy's and his is pretty tight. Hope someone got him that understands him.

I saw his picture on facebook -- gorgeous!! And yes, he has been adopted. I cannot imagine that a) he wasn't microchipped?, and b) his owners weren't searching high and low? What a lucky adoption opportunity. Had this been in my area, my son would have had to put up with another dog!

@isabob I am in Iowa and looking for a basenji! I can't find the guy you mention on the Midlands humane society website. Did you see him in person?

@suzanne I believe that this dog has already been adopted

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Didn't he look really purebred to u who saw him.

@suzanne I saw him on there web site but after I put the notice on here, someone said he was gone, and sure enough he was. I'm not looking for another one but pet finder sends me pics of what they think are B mixes. This is the second one this month that were actually real.

@isabob said in Black and White:

Didn't he look really purebred to u who saw him.

I agree, he didn't look like a "mix" at all. That being said, rescues are probably taught to call everything a mix unless they can prove a dog is purebred. Sure did look like purebred though!

bought my Basenji in Newton Iowa 2 years ago. If your still looking email me for breeder.

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I live in Canada Montreal and im looking for a basenji i can’t seem to find one anywhere if you guys know any breeders or places i can go it would be much appreciated.
thank you

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