I have 3 black&white girl pups available for sale.

Hi everyone,

I was looking for a place to post my add and this forum board came up in the search. I hope it is the right place. I have 3 black&white girl pups available for sale in The UK. Currently pupps are located in Latvia but they will travel to The UK once reach 4 month. Born 21/07/17 ready to leave around 21/11/17.

Stud- Meet the Sun Wild Africa tittles: Latvian Junior Champion, Latvian Champion, Riga Winner 2015, Latvija Winner 2015 and 2016. Interchampion candidate CACIBx3. health tests: FS-clear
Dam- Crystal Javelin Unique Galaxy- Latvian, Estonian, Lituanian, Baltic, Russian Champion. healf test: FS-carrier, PRA-clear, Eyes –clear.
You can check out Crystal Javelin Unique Galaxy Facebook page for regular updates and contact us https://www.facebook.com/NjushaUniqueGalaxy/

Feel free to contact me for any questions. Thank you!

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Looks like the sire of this litter was not DNA tested for Fanconi? He is sired by a clear but his Dam is a Carrier, so he could be clear or carrier. The Dam of this litter is a Carrier. If the sire is a carrier, bred to a carrier, can have Fanconi Affected pups.

Crystal Javelin Unique Galaxy
(CRd) (PRA -N)

No testing shown for Sire:
Meet the Sun at Wild Africa

Yeah, wouldn't touch those puppies with 10 ft poll until individually tested., or the sire is tested clear. The fact he shows no test tells me carrier or affected.

Well spotted ladies. It seems it wasn't pointed out clear that sire is clear and has been tested. FC clear

Documents could be provided on request

@basenjimummy - Please provide OFA link that shows that he was tested. All Fanconi DNA testing is available on their website, offa.org. I am not able to find the Sire under his registration number or his registered name.

Sure here you go
Sire was tested when he was a puppy therefore his name is missing. However his DOB and owners details are present.


I was wondering if you are actually interested in puppies? Or what this chat is all about 😉

@basenjimummy - Thank you, the sire's owner should contact OFA and have the records updated, then he will show as tested

@basenjimummy - I am not interested in a puppy, I am interested that people are health testing before breeding. And I know people in Europe that are looking for a possible pup, but unless health tested, I would not recommend. And I always tell people they should check for themselves not just take someones word for it. And since this Sire was done before named, the OFA records are not up to date

Apparently owner of the Sire was in contact with the body and they couldn't update the name. We take breeding seriously not playing games here. Thanks!


They can update the name, because without a registration number for the name, it's useless. Sadly, things must be done right or the doubt falls on the seller.

Why are the puppies coming to the UK to be sold? Who is bringing the litter here? And, who will be looking after them until they are sold? There are already more puppies than potential owners in the UK.

My cousin lives in The UK and she will bring them in and she will be checking out how puppies are doing.
Many breeders are interested in new bloods therefore puppies are coming to The UK to be sold. Please contact me directly for more information if you are interested in my puppies


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Oh, that's great. Good to know the pups will be looked after by a family member. Where does your cousin live? It might be that there are other breeders nearby who would like to visit the pups and help your cousin. Is your cousin experienced with Basenjis? What will happen to the pups if they are not sold? Will your cousin keep them him/herself?

@basenjimummy - The owner should contact them again, they update the records all the time? Tell the owner to contact Jon Curby (jcurby@offa.org)

@Benkura My puppies will remain in Latvia until they are 4 month old. As this is the minimum time they need to stay with their mum. Once they reach 4 months they are ready to go. I have people interested in puppies from different country, therefore they will remain with me until they find new loving home. As it is a great stress for puppies to travel far distances for a simple viewing-however don't worry I have great system in place to share puppies up to date photos and video to a potential buyers. My other two puppies have been sold to Estonia now however they will travel there only at 4 months

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